Skylife has announced that SampleRobot 3 will be publicly presented at the NAMM Show in Anaheim, California, from the 17th to the 20th of January 2008 at ESI Audiotechnik's booth #6832 in hall A. It is expected to be released in February 2008.

With SampleRobot 3 musicians can create their own virtual musical instruments as well as sound and loop libraries very easily. It includes Cakewalk's Dimension LE software sampler, which is connected via an "export bridge": SampleRobot's exports automatically show up in the preset-browser of Dimension LE and can be played instantly as virtual instruments in any VST-host environment. SampleRobot 3 also contains WaveRobot 3, the loop editing audioware.

New Features of SampleRobot 3:

  • Dimension LE (VST/AU Software Sampler) included: Now all exported SampleRobot instruments can be played right away in any VST host sequencer environment. Dimension LE offers a lot of interesting features to polish sounds like high quality filters and effects. Up to 4 multi-samples can be combined in one Dimension LE program.
  • Export Bridge: SampleRobot exports all samples (incl. mapping, release-samples and crossfades) directly to the preset list of Dimension LE for instant access to the sounds. They can be played right away in any VST / AU host. Everything is managed fully automatically without manual browsing or importing samples.
  • WaveRobot 3: Whenever musicians need to find smooth loop transitions in a sample, WaveRobot 3 will do the job. And it can do a lot more. High speed waveform graphics combined with sophisticated editing functions and loop searching algorithms are the key features to create high quality instruments fast. WaveRobot works on a multi-sample level and it can auto-loop lots of samples in one go.
  • Graphical Loop Overlay in WaveRobot: Wouldn't it be great to see how the regions around the loop points in a sample match each other when moving loop markers? WaveRobot 3 can overlay the dedicated regions in all zoom settings.
  • Autogain Crossfades: Some samples are really hard to loop. Mostly it is because of phase problems in the crossfade area causing the sound to gain or to drop volume. SampleRobot 3 comes with newly developed Autogain crossfades that can compensate phase problems and optimize the level in the crossfade area.
  • Graphical Adjustment of Sample Ranges: Now the range for each sample can be adjusted manually using the new Key-Sample Range Selectors. Mapping samples is now a lot more flexible.
  • Project Wizard: Beginners that have never sampled an instrument should not worry. SampleRobot can do it for them. The Project Wizard guides them step by step to get professional samples.
  • Project Auto Loader: From now on sampling projects can be specified that will load automatically at program start.
  • Autoload Sample into WaveRobot / NLR: Multi-samples can get very complex. With the new Autoload function of SampleRobot 3 one will never lose the overview. Just by rolling the mouse pointer over SampleRobot's Virtual Keyboard the dedicated samples will be loaded automatically into WaveRobot or into the Note/Loop/Release-Editor one after another. SampleRobot can show the samples so fast that it is possible to browse samples by waveform. Of course, all zoom settings are stored for each sample individually.
  • Semi-transparent Key-Info Window: Another feature that is extremely useful when creating complex Multi-Samples is the Key-Info overlay window. By rolling the mouse pointer over Key-Samples on SampleRobot's Virtual Keyboard it will display all important information about this sample immediately, like in SampleRobot 3 newly available key name, sampling rate, bits per sample, channels, size, length, loop and release information.
  • New Export Formats: The new export format Cakewalk Dimension (*.prog) was added to the export menu. The export bridge can be used with Cakewalk's Dimension LE and also Dimension Pro software sampler. SampleRobot recognizes if Dimension LE or Pro is installed and offers the dedicated export options. Another new export format is: Wav (loop only). In this case all exported samples will only contain the loop. This option is ideal if the user would like to work with his samples in loop-based sequencers like Ableton's Live.
  • Adjustable Micro-Fades: SampleRobot 3 has a new export option that can render micro-fades into all exported samples at Note-In and Note-Out as well as Release-In and Release-Out. This function helps to avoid clicks and pops and can make attack transients smoother.
  • Optional Import of Sound Names during Wav Drag & Drop.
  • Naming of Takes in semi-automatic Recording Mode.
  • Selectable Background Graphics.
  • Including several Demo Projects and Tutorials.
  • Including premium Multi-Samples (more than 1080 MB).
  • Including virtual Instruments in Dimension LE Format.
  • Optimized User Interface.
  • Optimized Path and Data Handling.
  • Optimized "Auto-Note for all" Transient Recognition.
  • Optimized Normalize Dialogue.
  • Many more Improvements.

SampleRobot 3 will be available in February 2008 for Windows as a stand-alone application priced at $419 (Download version, SKYLIFE Online Shop; packaged version is available via ESI Audio's international distributors' network).



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