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sonicLAB releases VOLBotM - stochastic and distributed MIDI modulator


sonicLAB introduced the stochastic audio modulator VOLBot in 2019 and has now released its MIDI modulator equivalent, VOLBotM.

VOLBotM is a super LFO (Low frequency Oscillator) which generates up to 4 iterated versions of itself at once as modulator signals to be mapped to addressing selected MIDI CC destinations on your synth instruments.

With the distributed audio plugin architecture of sonicLAB, it is possible to control an entire fleet of DAW track instruments together with your parameter controls on the VOLBotM interface while communicating with the VOLBotM clients on other tracks at the same time.

Each LFO iteration uses 4 independent GEN's (stochastic signal generators) which can address numerous parameters of the LFO, and also waveform offset handling and limiters with transparency control, all with stochastic modulation.

More details:

  • A multitude of discrete and continuous stochastic distributions and standard waveforms are available for various configurations.

  • The MIDI CC, Aftertouch and Pitchbend destinations can be further shaped with offset leveling and attenuators before the output. The MIDI event precision is at audio vector size level.

  • Both VOLBotM and VOLBotM client comes in a MIDI FX plugin format, and you can route the modulation output easily to your synth plugins or external gear to create seamless modulation streams running in parallel.

  • It comes in AU and VST2 formats for OS X and Windows 64-bit systems. Registration needs an iLok account.

VOLBotM retail price is 59 Euros / 66 USD together with server and client addition. It will be on introductory sale for 49 Euros until 16 January, 2022, and can be purchased at sonicLAB.

Also existing sonicLAB VOLBot users (and BOT bundle owners) can benefit of additional 10 Euros discount (purchase for 39 Euros) by obtaining their discount coupon at sonicLAB support.

A limited time demo is available from the product page.




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