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Toontrack updates Product Manager to v1.0.6

Toontrack Music

Toontrack has updated its Product Manager application to v1.0.6.


  • It is now possible to set and remove paths to installed SDX libraries in Installation Info.
  • "Verify/Download Again" has been added to the menus in Details - replaces the disabled Download entry for completed downloads.
  • Verification of downloads now has a progress bar (but it will almost only be noticeable when using "Verify/Download Again" since, normally, most verification is done during downloading).


  • If you use Move Downloads in Preferences/Options to move an incomplete download that has been stopped (or hasn't started) because of some problem that could be related to the disk location (e.g. lack of disk space), the download is now automatically resumed (and the error message removed) if the move succeeds.
  • Error messages for file I/O errors are now more detailed, both what is displayed and in the error log.
  • The error message "Verification completed but the download could then not be moved to " has been changed to "Verification completed but the download could then not be renamed" followed by the reason for the failure.
  • For products with no downloadable installer (Superior 1 libraries), it now says "No installer available" instead of "Nothing to download" under "1. Download.".
  • For products that PM doesn't know how to check installation status for (Superior 1 libraries), it now says "Installation status unknown" instead of "No installer available" under "2. Install." Also for those products, under "3. Update," it now says "See Details below" if any downloadable updates exist, otherwise "No updates available.".
  • In the menus in Details, the entry "Open" has been changed to "Open in Finder"/"Open in Explorer".


  • If you tried to start a download and there was not enough space on the disk and you changed download location and used Move Downloads, it wouldn't work - there would be an error message that the download could not be found.
  • Show in Finder/Explorer in Details menus is now disabled if the download never started because there was not enough space on the disk - the file/folder was not created in that case.
  • Show in Explorer did not work for download located in the root folder of a disk on Windows.
  • It should no longer crash when PM automatically adds a path to the Superior Drummer 3 core library after finding it installed on a disk (and no other path to it already exists).
  • Some library types were searched for (whether they are installed) unnecessarily often. Now all products are only scanned for once every refresh or application activation.
  • If an SDX had two install paths, one valid and one "damaged installation," PM would say that the SDX needed to be updated (because the damaged installation was treated as an installation with version 0.0.0).
  • If you had a 'double SDX' (like NY Vol. 2) and one part was only partially installed, the install popup would say "Installed" for that part instead of offering an enabled (but grey) Install button.
  • When starting a download, if a file with that name already exists but it can't be renamed (by adding ".incomplete" suffix), PM now stops with an error message instead of redownloading the file and most likely failing to finalize the download.
  • If a download has the state "completed but not renamed to its final name" and PM detects that it actually already has been renamed on disk (maybe manually by the user), it is now automatically marked as completed.


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