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Hora Music releases Treasure Series Modules for VCV 0.5 (incl. freebie)

Hora Music

Hora Music has released the Treasure series for VCV V0.5.0 on Mac, Windows and Linux. This series emulate eurorack drums systems such as acid lab, mfb or tip top audio are producing.

In this version the treasure series has a brand new more realistic skin with free alternative skins to come. It includes all drums/sequencer/mixers modules.

Here is a video showing Treasure 0.5 running in a complete patch: YouTube.com/watch?v=Pan0ZOytamg


  • The sounds are based on the VCV dsp (white modules) and on the "Vult" transcompiler for high quality DSP Made by Leonardo Laguna Ruiz (black modules). Vult has a higher filtering quality but both have their own interesting character.
  • Bass drum in versions using Vult and VCV.
  • Snare drum in versions using Vult and VCV.
  • Toms in versions using Vult and VCV.
  • Hand clap-Maracas in versions using Vult and VCV.
  • Soft bell-Clave only in version using Vult.
  • Rim shot-Clave only in version using VCV.
  • Cymbal-Cowbell in versions using Vult and VCV.
  • Hi Hat in versions using Vult and VCV.


  • Includes the sequencer and the frequency divider modules. The sequencer is inspired by eurorack drum sequencers such as acidlab robokob, mfb sq01, ...but offer many extra features such as:
    • CV controllable pattern's selection.
    • An editions menu: copy pattern/paste pattern/clear pattern/clear instrument.
    • Variations with fill triggerable (with gate or trig signal).
    • First and last step outputs.
    • A synchronised CV sequencer.


  • An 8 voices mixer with stereo output and pan on each track, pretty useful to mix drums, synth voices and/or to mix all your sounds before sending it to stereo audio output (available in the free bundle).
  • An 8 voices mixer with stereo output, pan, 2 aux. Pan, track level, aux1 level, and aux 2 level on each track are controllable (CV).
  • A 16 voices mixer with 12 mono tracks, 4 stereo tracks, 2 aux and CV inputs for pan, levels, aux 1 level and aux 2 level on each track.

Price: $47.

Hora Music has also released a free bundle with modules from the new treasure series. It includes:

  • An 8 voices stereo mixer.
  • A frequency divider.
  • Snare drum generator module based on VCV DSP.
  • Hi hat generator module based on the Vult DSP (Leonardo Laguna Ruiz).
  • Clave-SoftBell generator module based on Vult DSP.


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