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Touch The Universe releases The Celestial Spheres Sound Library for HALion 6 / Sonic / SE

Touch The Universe Productions

Touch The Universe has released the Celestial Spheres Sound Library, a hybrid synth/samples library containing 438 presets fusing pure synthesis and 3.55GB of multi-samples (including original Nord Lead 2 samples) for HALion 6, HALion Sonic 3, and the free HALion Player, HALion Sonic SE.

The library infuses nearly every type of sound engine within HALion 6, the multi-sampler, granular, wavetable, and synth engines, using unique and original sound sources. The multi-samples were key-mapped spanning on average about every 4 or 5 keys, though in some situations, every key is mapped. They were then programmed and enhanced in HALion with added filters, effects and macros. Nearly every patch also blends in live synthesis to keep things even more alive and interesting, using any of HALion's synth engines: Auron, Trium, Skylab, Voltage and Anima.

The patches themselves are diverse, some are simple and elegant, while being highly unique, while others are vastly more complex and evolving -- layering many multi-samples instruments with other granular or wavetable instruments alongside still other layers of live synthesis. In addition, the library includes over 85 presets made from sound sources from a Nord Lead 2 hardware synthesizer.



  • 438 HALion/Sonic/SE Instruments/Presets.
  • 3.55 Gigabyte of samples (48kHz/ 16-24-bit/stereo).
  • 85 Nord 2 patches (Including its Raw, Dry Version).
  • Over 200 Unique Multi-Sampled Sound Sources.
  • Over 4400 Samples (.wav).
  • Over 50 Entirely Unique HALion Synthesis Patches (Namely, Leads).
  • Delivery: Download - RAR-archive in 1-7 parts in rar format for better download handling.
  • Download size - 350MB - 2.7 GB - Very fast download speeds (Unlimited number of downloads).
  • Custom Wavetables embedded in patches.

Patch Breakdown:

  • Basses 83.
  • Chromatic Perc 3.
  • Drums and Perc 4.
  • Plucked 47.
  • Keys 64.
  • Musical FX (Soundscapes/Motion) 49.
  • Sound Fx 8.
  • Synth Comp 3.
  • Synth Lead 57.
  • Synth Pad 92.
  • Vocal 15.
  • Woodwinds 13.

All patches are tagged and divided by category and sub category and genre. Patches are assigned extensive quick controls and Modulation Wheel for quick access and playability.

Easy Installation: Simply Download, Extract To Location of Choice (or default Steinberg Location) and double click the VSTSOUND file to register the Library in HALion's Library Manager. The library is registered and able to be used in the media bay with its own library icon.

Optional Purchase By Category

The Celestial Spheres Library may be divided and purchased by type, for your convenience, in 4 ways. More information is available on each library's page. First choose which platform you will be using and then you have the option to narrow it down by category, if you wish:

  • The Full Library: (Includes both the Electronica and Atmospheres Library) (3.5GB/438 Presets).
  • The Atmosphere Side: (Pads, Soundscapes, Keys, Musical FX, Synth Choirs) (2.43/194 Presets).
  • The Electronica Side: (Leads, Plucks, Basses, Keys, Formant Choirs) (1.74GB/243 Presets).
  • Only the Nord Library: (Plucks, Keys, Basses, Choirs) (650MB/85 Presets).


  • Full Library: $69.99
  • Atmospheres Library: $39.99
  • Electronica Library: $39.99
  • Nord Library: $19.99

More information can be found below, in addition to hundreds of audio demos.



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