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Mackie releases Tracktion v2.1.0.11


Mackie has updated Tracktion to v2.1.0.11.


  • Fixed record arming from custom control surfaces.
  • Fixed empty clip appearing if recording stopped before end of count-in.
  • Fixed crash when renaming ogg source file.
  • Fixed crash when closing edit while solo isolate is blinking.
  • Fixed “delete marked region” not deleting from rack filter automation.
  • Fixed e-to-e stopped working after minimize and restore.
  • Fixed delay in opening sub menus in filter menu.
  • Added support for 16 channel custom control surfaces.
  • Fixed transport buttons in localized versions.
  • Fixed real time priority button.
  • Fixed issue with loading aux send automation curves.
  • Fixed issue with loading AIFF files.
  • Fixed noise in AIFF import.
  • Fixed issue with looped audio clips in archives.
  • Fixed issue with big input meter.
  • Fixed localization issues with the following keyboard control commands:
    • Change to the next/previous take for a looped clip.
    • Move start/end of selected clips to the cursor position.
    • Move clip.


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