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Wholegrain updates DynPEQ Plugins for Mac to v1.4

Wholegrain Digital Systems

Wholegrain Digital Systems has updated the DynPEQ plugins to version 1.4. The DynPEQ plugins are digital audio signal processors performing dynamic parametric equalization.

Most notable in the new features is sidechain search, a new audition mode for fast and accurate finding bands of interest. "This mode allows you to monitor the band pre-filtering as applied to the sidechain, " says Wholegrain founder Duane Wise, "along with real-time band level indicators, so you can focus on optimum band tuning and at the same time plan a compression setting for that band once sidechain search ends."

Version 1.4 expands Pro Tools support by several means. The HDX DSP version of Quartet DynPEQ increases its channel capacity to ten, supporting most of the new stem formats. Both HDX and AAX Native versions of Quartet now support stems of Ambisonics first- and second-order. Both Trio DynPEQ and Quartet have expanded their operational support on large control surfaces, especially S6 and D-Control. The AAX Native version of DynPEQ is now fully compatible with Media Composer starting with version 2018.7. "Last but not least, " adds Duane Wise, "the AAX distribution of DynPEQ adds a new plugin that converts a stereo stream from left/right to mono/stereo or sum/difference. DynPEQ users can now use the power of multi-mono plugin support built in to Pro Tools to easily perform mono/stereo processing with DynPEQ, which is a popular feature of the Audio Unit version, and with other AAX dynamics processors."

Several user-requested changes have been built into the new plugin version. The DynPEQ band toolchest in version 1.4 contains new bandsets for microphone conditioning, and new presets include user contributions for starting points.

Bundled with the soundBlade mastering workstation since 2007, the DynPEQ family has been available for Pro Tools AAX/HDX since version 1.3. The DynPEQ plugins currently have two variants. Trio DynPEQ is a three-band dynamic parametric equalizer configured as a single-channel insert for input processing. Quartet DynPEQ is a four-band dynamic parametric equalizer with support for multi-channel stems and an analog peak limiter for mastering applications.

The heart of DynPEQ is a traditional parametric equalizer. Center/cutoff frequency and Q define the band to apply dynamics--there are no fixed bands or crossovers. The principles used in finding parametric EQ bands intuitively extend for band dynamics.

DynPEQ avoids STFT granularity through traditional time-domain parametric EQ and dynamics. It calculates the total RMS level of the sidechain for a fast and smooth control signal--there is no need to extend release time.

The DynPEQ design allows for detailed and robust control of the audio spectrum, prompting Darwin Grosse to write the following in the June 2017 issue of Recording Magazine. "Perhaps the aspect that has me most interested in using this product is the way it makes me think about my work--while it is clearly both an EQ and a compressor/expander, it is viable to approach it like a super-EQ."

The DynPEQ plugins are compatible with Pro Tools AAX/HDX from version 10 forwards. The plugins are also compatible with Audio Unit v2 workstations. The host computer supported is an Intel Mac running Mac OS X version 10.6 forwards.

DynPEQ version 1.4 is a free upgrade for holders of a 1.3 license. Wholegrain will demonstrate DynPEQ at 2019 Summer NAMM Booth 150 on 18-20 July.

A list of DynPEQ sales outlets is posted at www.wholegrain-ds.com/products/available-from, as well as www.dynpeq.com on the sidebar.



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