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KX77FREE releases Kx WaveTracer v4.00 - New sampling options and more


KX77FREE has announced the release of version 4.00 of Kx WaveTracer, a free effect plug-in to create compatible waveforms for all KX77FREE plug-ins, and also to sample your hardware, virtual oscillators or the internal oscillator.


  • Easy to use for create basic analogue waveforms.
  • Built-in oscillator to listen the waveform.
  • Independent x64 console program: KxWaveTracer.exe (DAW CPU safe).
  • Full parameters to make complex additive waveforms with no aliasing.
  • Full 32-bit float data, multi band limited lookup tables per waveform.
  • Same quality for all clock frequencies: 44.1 kHz to 192 kHz.
  • 13.75 Hz to 23200 Hz or more (harmonic frequency limit).
  • Level and Phase parameters.
  • Up to 1600 harmonics for the bass frequencies (0 volts: 13.75hz).
  • Possibility to automate the level and phase of all harmonics.
  • Possibility to mix several waveforms following the frequencies (0 to 10 volts).
  • Possibility to use absolute or relative levels on the first main harmonics.
  • Frequency analyzers to compare the current waveform with the signal input.
  • Possibility to copy directly the main levels of 40 first harmonics detected by the audio inputs analyzer.
  • Possibility to sample the KX oscillator output or the audio inputs (left or right input, current sample rate, mono, 16-bit PCM or 32-bit float). The sample tune is based on the virtual keyboard, the input signal must be tuned with the oscillator (by listening, with the scopes and analyzers). By this way it is possible to find precisely the loop duration for each note sampled.
  • Only one button to fill the wave buffer and after to record the WAV file.
  • Auto WAV file duration based on one cycle (out of tune, e.g: 48kHz -> 440hz -> 109.0909 -> 109 spl) or on a number of cycles following the rounded tune frequency (tuned, e.g: 440Hz = 440 cycles -> 440*109.0909...= 48000 spl).
  • Auto loop with zero crossing, the loop time is simply the file duration from start to end file.
  • Possibility to listen the looped wave buffer to record again if you forgot to tune your sampled instrument.
  • 3 scopes: input, sampling input, wave buffer. There is a little knob to adjust their visibility on the background.
  • 49 waveform presets.

Kx WaveTracer v4.00 is available for Windows x64 in VST3 and VST2 plug-in formats at kx77free.free.fr

KVR product page: kvraudio.com/product/kx-wavetracer-by-kx77free

Tracks done with KX77FREE plug-ins: YouTube.com/user/KX77FREE



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