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KVR Developer Challenge 2016Youlean updates Youlean Loudness Meter 2 to v2.4.0


Youlean has updated Youlean Loudness Meter to version 2.4.0, which brings some requested features and bug-fixes.

Changes in v2.4.0:

  • Fixed macOS Mojave or Catalina can't analyze audio from inputs.

  • Fixed crash with Vegas Pro when rendering.

  • Fixed crash with SADiE 6.

  • Fixed crash with OBS Studio.

  • Fixed drop down menus not scrolling in some cases.

  • Fixed reset button doesn't clear all values in some hosts.

  • Fixed switching from A to B state doesn't switch properly.

  • Fixed long non-ASCII filenames breaking GUI with file analysis.

  • Fixed standalone app not starting the audio engine after the first install on macOS.

  • Fixed standalone app crashes if digital inputs are selected.

  • Fixed plugin always starts in default size.

  • Fixed window resizing in Ozone 9.

  • Fixed dynamic range graph color do not update on preset change.

  • Fixed channel selection menu not showing correctly with histogram disabled.

  • Fixed short term alerts not set and reloaded properly in free version.

  • Fixed edited preset indication not working for streaming services.

  • Fixed tooltips showing wrong info if menus are open.

  • Fixed window resizing with OBS Studio.

  • Fixed crash when doing drag and drop on AudioSuite in Pro Tools.

  • Fixed drag and drop not switching to 5.1 channels automatically.

  • Added option to save and load projects with the standalone application.

  • Added option to export only loudness or dynamics graphs.

  • Added option to set points density for graph export.

  • Added option to the export-import graph memory file.

  • Added dialog gating option based on Dolby Dialog Intelligence.

  • Added option to see a voice detection inside the histogram based on Dolby Dialog Intelligence.

  • Added option to ignore system audio volume on Windows standalone app.

  • Added option to always keep the standalone app on top of other windows.

  • Added option to resize the window by its sides.

  • Added option to auto update export name based on the file name from drag and drop.

  • Added option to select integrated relative gate type.

  • Added option to select adaptive dialog gate method of calculation.

  • Added adaptive gate threshold setting.

  • Added configurable averaging window for the momentary loudness calculation.

  • Added integrated relative gate indication in the histogram.

  • Added option for showing an alternative look of the metering bars.

  • Added Netflix preset.

  • Added Deezer preset.

  • Updated YouTube preset.

  • Removed click to pause histogram tracking option.

  • Improved CPU usage when the UI is minimized.

  • Improved measurements naming in the graph export.

  • Changed indication for edited preset to a simple star symbol.

  • Output settings are removed on the standalone app because they are not needed.

  • The standalone app now remembers its position.

  • Integrated alerts are now set with presets automatically.

  • Successful export message box now shows the full path of the exported file.

  • Advanced optimizations are now on by default.

  • Improved project saving speed with large graphs.

  • Improved loading speed.

  • Changed LK indication to more correct LU indication.

  • The standalone app preferences will be reverted to default values.

  • Windows installer now remembers previous install paths.

  • Improved GUI performance on 5K iMacs and macOS running non-default display color profiles.

  • Other small UI, UX improvements.



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