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KVR Developer Challenge 2016Youlean updates Youlean Loudness Meter 2 to v2.4.1


Youlean has updated Youlean Loudness Meter to version 2.4.1, which brings some requested features and bug-fixes.

Changes in v2.4.1:

  • Fixed VST plugin not showing inside EDIUS.

  • Fixed VST3 constantly resetting in Adobe Audition.

  • Fixed AU plugin not working on some older macOS versions.

  • Fixed crash that can occur if loading saved project and using timecode with the auto-reset off.

  • Fixed loudness target knob using frac position when manually setting.

  • Fixed CPU spike when resetting the graphs.

  • Fixed audio dropouts when using higher sample rates.

  • Fixed FCPX muting channels when rendering and using 5.1 channel configuration.

  • Fixed slow analysis with lower sample rates.

  • Fixed mono mpg files do not work with drag and drop on Windows.

  • Fixed drag and drop not working with mono or multichannel AIFF files on macOS.

  • Fixed true peak max value sometimes not shown in the excel export.

  • Fixed true peak not correct on mouseover when the relative scale is used.

  • Fixed export creating incomplete graphs for PDF and SVG files.

  • Fixed SmartScreen warning on Windows.

  • Fixed crash with VST2 and DAVID MultiTrack Editor.

  • Fixed crash in Cakewalk.

  • Fixed crash with VST2 and WaveLab.

  • Fixed crash with Adobe Audition.

  • Fixed crash with Adobe Premiere Pro.

  • Fixed crash with Sound Forge Pro 12.

  • Fixed crash when analyzing huge files on Windows.

  • Fixed audio glitches when using VST2 inside Adobe Premiere Pro.

  • Fixed big RAM usage when analyzing big files.

  • Improved VST2 stability in some DAWs.

  • Improved VST3 stability in some DAWs.

  • Rewritten GUI engine. Hardware acceleration is now supported.

  • If hardware acceleration is not supported, software rendering will be used.

  • Added hold CTRL to set the default preset in the drop-down menu.

  • Added option to show both integrated relative and dialog gated readout at the same time.

  • Added Analyze File menu item on the standalone application.

  • Added HBO, Disney+, EBU R128 S2, and EBU R128 S2 Music streaming presets.

  • Added remaining time info for drag and drop.

  • Added support for RF64 WAV encoding for analyzing 4GB+ files.

  • Removed message box information when exporting graphs.

  • Removed support for macOS 10.7.

  • Analyze multi mono files as one file by using .L.wav, .R.wav, etc. extensions with drag and drop.

  • Changing the preset won't reset the measurements unless required.

  • Collapsed groups inside drop-down menus are now saved globally.

  • Changed color of the focus rectangle in order to make the text more readable.

  • The export custom path will be globally retained.

  • Other small UI, UX improvements.



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