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Pro-C 2

Dynamics (Compressor / Limiter) Plugin by FabFilter

KVR Audio news items relating to Pro-C 2

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Comments & Discussion for FabFilter Pro-C 2

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11 January 2017 at 5:44am

I just came back here to check out my review of the Pro-C. Come on - only 3 out of 8 people found that useful?

I've recently been messing around with the Pro-C2. I have to say it is a BIG improvement on the predecessor. There is a peak hold, a range, a lookahead, oversampling, a wet/dry knob, a much improved sidechain section, and a much improved graph. There's also a little button that allows you to gate the audio below the threshold and allows you to only hear what is therefore triggering the compressor (I haven't seen a function like this anywhere before).

I'm still of the feeling that there are probably too many styles that potentially sound identical - ie the opto/ bus/punch/pump/clean modes all sound pretty darn similar when operating in a normal range.

Also I think the mid/side switch in the sidechain section is a vast improvement. If you push that little bar over to the mid (etc) button you will only compress the mid channel. Great but you can't boost the mid volume only without messing with some other knobs in a different area of the gui. Essentially there's three different knobby things in different areas of the gui that control the wet/dry/mid/side. Maybe this could all somehow be bundled up together into one easy knobby thing. Or maybe there's no easy way of doing it.

Thanks and good work FF. :-)

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