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Leveling Tool
Reviewed By gwenmollo
November 13th, 2021

My number one free limiter plugin.

It's simple, and work nicely.

I recommand it !.

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Leveling Tool
Reviewed By alienimplant
June 10th, 2021

I'm surprised how good it sounds as a bus compressor (tested it with a synth+delay and drums). I checked it out in PluginDoctor and noticed there's a high-end roll-off beyond 10k, but it's a really nice sound. Just have to keep in mind that there is EQ happening.

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Leveling Tool
Reviewed By YnJ
April 23rd, 2021

I love this, it's so easy to use and it really makes almost anything sound better and is low on cpu.

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Leveling Tool
Reviewed By kingozrecords
December 20th, 2020

Pretty impressed with this, the only thing it suffers from is a grit, but if you add the right processor after the fact; really happy. - DSPplug.

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Leveling Tool
Reviewed By Gwugluud77
November 4th, 2018

Perhaps I don't have the "right" to review studio gear, since I can't pursue it on a FT basis; home recording is relegated to being a hobby for me. Although I have been multitracking off and on beginning with cassette 4-tracks in 1981, then on to an ADAT/mixer/compressor rig for a time, and then some Boss BR stuff.

I only got into DAWs and VSTs 2 years ago, just to make my friends STFU. I was aghast at the notion of trusting a computer with my tracks. But I tried free Mixpad, and then I got Reaper and Mixcraft 8. My fears have actually been semi-realized at times; never once do I remember any other recording rig apart from a DAW not being able to keep tracks in time with each other, not even once do I recall my ADAT crashing, and then when I bring it up again, only the MIDI tracks are left; the audio tracks have vanished. Never had to go find some 11-year-old whose thinking is convoluted sufficiently to be able to understand the complexities (read "stupidities") of the cyber realm to come and fix one of the myriad ludicrous problems which are retarded...I mean, unique, to DAWs.

Anyway, this tool is MAGIC. I put it at the end of my master track, and my sucky, pathetic music has undergone one of those chrysanthemums where a worm turns into a butterfly, or something like that. Very "tubey". Actually gets me close to the armhair-standing type of 4-dimensional yet lo-fi sound of ... The Doors' 1st album and "Fresh Cream" come to mind. I love the sound of those and certain other 60s albums. You can feel the tubes glowing as you listen. Even the urinals in whatever studios those were done in must have been all-tube, I mean...

So yeah, this ADHD tube limiter is 100% recommended from here. I crank the "drive" to high; often to 100%. And I crank the gain as high as it's practical to do before I must apply too much reduction and the sound gets too flattened. I just adjust with respect to any compressor VSTs I have applied to audio tracks, so they work together and don't clash. I can't believe it's free. Many thanks to this ADHD lot. They're geniuses, and they're generous. Well done.

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Leveling Tool
Reviewed By juliandoe
October 8th, 2018

It's a great tube compressor. Same flavour as the Waves CLA-3A but this is free. I've compared the two side by side and I haven't noticed a difference. The possibility to adjust attack and release time is a plus. Highly suggested on vocals and drums. I can't believe it's free.

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Leveling Tool
Reviewed By colobelporridge
May 19th, 2018

I cant stop using it. Just putting sound through it makes it sound better.To give an example, while its not the same style it has the same satifying effect as the klanghelm MJUC; you immediately think, ok this is working. I cant imagine anyone being dissapointed with it.

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Leveling Tool
Reviewed By Coda73
March 22nd, 2018

The excellent plug-in, is a lot of opportunities, it was pleasant to me on drums! In him there is everything that is necessary for the drive and pumping. Thanks.

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