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These free sound libraries capture the unique sounds of cheap and unusual electronic music instruments. From old personal computers and game consoles to lo-fi drum machines, all sample packs available on Bedroom Producers Blog were made with a great passion for the art of sampling.

I hope you'll enjoy using them at least as much as I enjoyed making them.

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BPB Dirty Spring
Reviewed By Trader One
November 28th, 2021

I do not like idea to combine spring reverb with bit crusher. It's best to keep them in separate plugins. Spring reverb is just very basic one - use it if you do not have anything better but bit crusher is actually quite usable for current lo fi music craze.

There are better free spring reverb plugins, and yes there are better bit crushers too. Both parts of plugin do something but not much while crusher doing more then spring reverb. I think crusher is included to encourage people to distort not very good spring reverb.

If you are not perfectionist you will use it, everything fits into current EDM and if mix quality is bad you can call it lo fi. Overall it's just average quality we see in free plugins, nothing you have to download.

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BPB Dirty Spring
Reviewed By Faydit
November 27th, 2021

Really nice and good sounding and working spring reverb.
Well adjustable, even more flexible controls than most real hardware spring reverbs offer.

The bitcrusher allows some additional lo-if colorations, which also work well.
Nice, twangy, typical spring reverb, to be honest, I have already heard some commercial spring reverbs, whose tones convinced me much less.

As spring reverbs can sound very different, it might be a matter of taste, if you like the character of this one, but you hardly can do much wrong, as it is freeware.

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BPB Cassette Drums
Reviewed By elviecho
November 11th, 2021

These are usefull because they have a small CPU-footprint, they sound good and are very easy to use.
I use the 606 and the 808 quite often.

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BPB Cassette Drums
Reviewed By gwenmollo
October 31st, 2021

I like all the Bbp cassette (606,808,909) it sound very good, it simple, low CPU usage and nice looking.

A must to have :).

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Reviewed By jamison
May 31st, 2021

I don't know much about anything, so when I find a free plugin that is easy to use and sounds so damn cool that is can't stop playing with it, I have to leave a 5-star and say thanks, thanks, thanks!.

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Reviewed By Manbombchoi
May 20th, 2021

It is always incredibly generous for reputable developers to offer free VSTs. HY-ESG is a great example of free VSTs occasionally being even better than paid ones. It was immediately so fun to use and so powerful. One and only squawk is that you can't create quite exactly the gate sequence you want. You may not notice that however, since the level of functionality and tweekability is incredible especially for a free gate effect. The interface is also really nice.

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BPB Saturator
Reviewed By markmann
April 19th, 2021

This is one of the top saturators out there for my purposes. I prefer its tape saturation to the many other commercial tape plugins I own (Slate, Softube, ToneBoosters, U-he etc.). The tube portion can be very effective to increase the "bite" of a track. The controls are laid out nicely and you can dial in a sound quickly. You can go from subtle to over-the-top with both tape and tube. I honestly didn't expect a free plugin to be this competitive and was pleasantly surprised. I will be checking out BPB's Dirty Filter now.

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Reviewed By elviecho
February 12th, 2021

I've spend half an hour with this amazing tool and the time flew.
A clear, nice Interface, easy to understand, fun to use. Fantastic!
And it's free! Thanks to the developers.

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