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Martinic is a Dutch IT company that offers a range of IT-related products and services, including audio software plug-ins.

Products by Martinic

Latest reviews of Martinic products

Kee Bass
Reviewed By LdBeth
August 3rd, 2022

Despite the visual only gives a few keys this virtual instrument supports a wider range of notes. The name suggests it is a bass organ but surprisingly there's a preset to let you use this as a piano, and with just a little bit of reverb that just sounds authentic, not as good as expensive physical modeling ones but it is a surprise for a give away plug-in created for very specific purpose.

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Reviewed By Megawattt
June 2nd, 2022

I picked up the Martinic AX73 with all the expansions in a recent sale, a lot of the sounds have an inspirational vibe to them that almost forces me to want to make music, also the library system is very good, a nice touch is the tag section for quickly finding the category and type of sound you are looking for, this plugin is going to get plenty of use :-) my full respects to the developer for this vibrant sound tool, i give it 6 out of 5 stars.

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Kee Bass
Reviewed By BrianG42
May 20th, 2022

This free Kee Bass....ROCKS.

Great sounding plug-in, plether of presets that are amazing and so easily manipulated to suit any vibe that your songs have, wonderful piece of kit to keep in your toolbox and use daily, never had an issue with this little beauty.

Always punches above its weight and its free.

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Reviewed By Owl Cave Dreams
February 21st, 2022

My first review here. I owned an actual AX73 for 30 years. This sounds like the real thing. This is a fantastic emulation with the option to go beyond the original, adding new features. A real thrill to have this. TBH the only time I saw anyone else with this thing was Portishead miming on Pebble Mill on the BBC. I think its a very underrated synth. I also got great & fast support from the Martinic team. Thumbs Up.

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Kee Bass
Reviewed By Trader One
December 17th, 2021

Its simple analog style synth. Sound is warm and fat. Use it if you want warm bass fast, there are not much buttons around. Supports tuning of each note.

If you are person liking simple, one purpose synths then get it.

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Reviewed By zandoka
October 18th, 2021

This is my first review, and I am by no means an experienced Plug-in expert when it comes to creating and manipulating sounds. So please read this purely as a User's review.

Having cleared that, the AX73 is a nice-priced plug-in for those who like the analog sounds.

I personally use it for my Nu Disco music and it contains a hell of a lot of great 80's sounds.

The AX73 comes with the full preset load of the original sounds of the actual AX-73 re-created by the developers (classic sound bank) plus a wagon load of new and custom presets, it also comes with 5 Dr Mix presets.

The new sounds contain a lot of modern sounds, layers, arp's and rhythm patterns, and (something I like very much) judged by the names of some of the sounds, and some of the funny presets (which I;m sure no one will ever use in a song, but I challenge you) the developers don't take themselves too seriously.

The UI is deliberately very 80's, clear, simple, and all the controls on the actual AX-73 keyboard shown on the main screen, are fully functioning.

The editing screen is extremely easy to use, and even for a 'preset guy' like me easy to use.

It gives the opportunity to create layers, arp's, etc., and naturally save them as your personal presets.

You can adjust the VCO1 VCO2, VCF, EG A F O and 4, Bend levels, LFO 1 thru 4, Split settings, ARP settings, and the Master appearance. And of course, you can save them with your own custom name.

Those are then easy to reach in the preset screen where you can choose the main set first (all, personal, Dr. Mix, or the classic bank), to then reach the bank with the presets alphabetically ordered.

If there is a point of criticism at all, it might be that I personally find the sounds not extremely in your face (not loud, phat, thick, or whatever you want to call it) but nothing that can't be solved with some compression and effects.


- Is it a mind-blowing, epic plug-in? No.

- Is it a fairly priced, great addition to the plug-ins I will use for my music? Hell yeah.

PS. I had a question and my mail was answered within half an hour.

So it must be said the developers/help-desk is both reachable and helpful.

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Kee Bass
Reviewed By JimboKeys
March 24th, 2020

I play a one-man band gig with keyboards, and wanted a left-hand bass sound that was just simply a solid bottom (bass guitar rompler sounds typically have too much snap/slap for my style of playing). This is exactly what i was looking for (though i do also run it through an EQ plug-in to take out a bit of that midrange woofiness). Also works great for beefing up the bottom end of acoustic piano patches too .

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Lem Echo Music
Reviewed By nocturnal owl
January 7th, 2020

Love the tape echo sound of this plug and quirky controls. A good 64-bit replacement for the old WatKat vst.

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