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Martinic is a Dutch IT company that offers a range of IT-related products and services, including audio software plug-ins.

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Kee Bass
Reviewed By JimboKeys
March 24, 2020

I play a one-man band gig with keyboards, and wanted a left-hand bass sound that was just simply a solid bottom (bass guitar rompler sounds typically have too much snap/slap for my style of playing). This is exactly what i was looking for (though i do also run it through an EQ plug-in to take out a bit of that midrange woofiness). Also works great for beefing up the bottom end of acoustic piano patches too .

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Lem Echo Music
Reviewed By nocturnal owl
January 7, 2020

Love the tape echo sound of this plug and quirky controls. A good 64-bit replacement for the old WatKat vst.

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Lem Echo Music
Reviewed By Faydit
December 12, 2019

Very good sounding tape echo simulation. Nice alternative to the more common Space Echo plugs. The only wish I have is - even if this may not be authentic - to implement in the settings section an individual delay time adjustment for the 3 heads, as it is also found in some other tape echo sims. (Eg. head 1: 1-99 ms, head 2: 100 - 200 ms, head 3: 200 - 500ms).

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Kee Bass
Reviewed By rahnrasen
October 6, 2019

super sound, ├╝bersichtliches schn├Ârkelloses interface, grundsolider sehr brauchbarer fetter bass !.

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Kee Bass
Reviewed By Blobzilla
October 6, 2019

As cool and funky as you could hope for. Sounds great. Uncluttered and distinctive. Thanks Kee Bass. Great product. Looking forward to your follow up.

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Scanner Vibrato
Reviewed By Stohgs
March 30, 2018

I personally use this VST Effect often and for various genre styles that it still surprises me how well it holds inside the mixes. Solid structure and classic vibe to it. It's great to have as a single dedicated process so you can concentrate only on what matters and does a great job at keeping it interesting. For what it is, I'd recommend it. Had a lot of fun experimenting with this no BS straight to the point useful VST Effect to this day, worth a try. Thanks for the tools Martinic, Good job.

  • Simple to use.
  • Has interesting linked controls that work well together.
  • multi-purpose specific usage in the mix.
  • able to achieve all sorts of genre qualities.
  • A Plus to have as a single dedicated process.
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