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In order to make them easier to find for Jorgen and to avoid us repeating them, I will try to troll the forums and consolidate all issues and bugs here. I'll do my best to keep it up to date. Please let me know if any of these are bunk or have been fixed. If you do reply here, keep in mind that this thread will be periodically pruned so that only the first two posts remain.

This only considers functionality already in place, and not missing features that are assumed to come later.

Fixes and newly reported bugs in the current XT2 version will also be listed in the post below.


Each issue is listed with the release date of the latest XT2 version at the time of the bug report. The issue may have existed in earlier versions.

Format: [Prefix][XT2 version date]- [Bug description]

major XT2 versions:
07Jun15- June 15th 2007 release (2.0)
07Aug10- August 10th/11th 2007 releases (2.01/2.02)
07Dec21- December 21st 2007 release (2.04)
08Jan18- January 18th 2008 release (2.05)
08Feb01- February 1st 2008 release (2.06)
08Mar01- March 1st 2008 release (2.07)
09Jan15- January 15th 2009 release (2.5)
09Mar23- March 23rd 2009 release (2.5.1)
09Nov13- November 13th 2009 release (2.5.2)
10Jul01- July 1st 2010 release (2.5.3)
10Oct01- October 1st 2010 release (2.5.4)

== description updated since last build
** needs testing to see if fixed
++ reminder to test in next build (is on "coming next" list)


Crashes/Memory leaks/Dataloss Bugs:
07Nov23- Project can't be saved after recording approximately 255 audio files (sometimes it's less than 255). The 255th file must be deleted from the Audio Pool before you can save. You also can't record new audio, and if you try to import some there is sometimes a crash with an "Error fh2" message.
07Dec19- Zooming out all the way and then scrolling to the right (past measure 553000 or so) freezes XT2.
07Dec19- Crash when deleting an audio part (containing a sample from the project audio folder or the temp audio folder, such as a newly recorded audio part), and then deleting the unused audio file from the pool, and then undoing it
**08Aug01- Crash when editing automation curves
**08Aug18- VST version crashes Wavelab
08Aug18- Crash when recording multiple audio tracks to an external (FAT32-formatted?) hard drive
08Aug18- Crash with imported midi files and certain VSTs, when the same note ends on one track and starts on another at the same time
09Feb05- VST version freezes/crashes when adding an envelope lane while the plugin is disabled.
**10Oct01- When I switch EnergyXT VST presets inside of Audiomulch, EnergyXT VST crashes.

Other serious issues:
**07Nov23- Bad midi timing (please test!)
**07Dec21- External midi output doesn't work on some systems
**08Mar01- MIDI USB devices (or any audio/midi usb interfaces like my edirolua20) lose midi input in XT2 standalone version after some 30mins of usage
**08May24- Audio inputs create a horrible noise with ASIO4ALL on certain hardware

**07Jun01- Most open/save dialogs (fxp/fxb save/load, Clip save, Render, Looks open/save, etc.) start by highlighting C:\ in the folder tree rather than the folder that's open in the file list on the right.
07Jun01- Cannot open *.xt projects by double-clicking in Windows Explorer (energyXT2.exe "%1"). Must open files from inside XT2!
++07Nov23- Clicking checkboxes of midi inputs or outputs > 8 in Setup makes the listbox jump back to the top.
08Feb16- When using multiple monitors, windows always maximize to the first monitor.
08May24- "InnerVoices-TC" demo project has a duplicated part on the first track which causes playback problems.
08Jun05- energyXT.ini uses nonstandard line endings (CR CR LF)
08Jul11- Midi feedback loop with Maple causes a noise and corrupted graphics in the XT2 menu bar, plus high cpu usage which doesn't go away when disconnecting the feedback loop
08Aug01- XT2 windows can be moved behind the taskbar (Windows) / menu bar (Mac), where they can no longer be grabbed.
07Jun15- Latency caused by existing plugins doesn't always immediately apply PDC to new routing: With two tracks where one needs PDC, routing one track to a group causes them to be out of sync. Saving and reloading the project gets them back in sync. (example projects)

07Jun01- Escaping a save dialog [where you choose a file location] by closing the window or pressing Esc should return to the save Yes, no, cancel win
07Jun08- Only changing parameters (including vst parameters as well as tempo and mixer volume/pan/eq) will not make XT ask you if you want to save.
07Jun15- Must specify file extension when saving if the path contains a "."
08Aug01- "Save as..." does not always move all audio files to the new audio folder

Controller Map:
07Jun15- Midi plugins cannot control a Sequencer audio track's fader/pan/eq but can be used to learn that mapping.
07Jun15- If you move a mapped insert or send effect by drag & drop, the mappings for the effect are lost and there are blank spots in the Controller Map. If you move a mixer strip in the mixer, all the mappings for that mixer channel (fader, pan, instrument and insert/send effect parameters, etc.) are gone. Undo doesn't bring the mappings back.
08May30- When mapping a send level, the parameter is only called "send" in the Controller Map, with no indication of which track or which send effect it is.
08May30- Mapping to Sends and Inserts on an audio track doesn't work.

08Mar01- To use keys that must be typed with Shift on the regular keyboard, such as + or *, you have to select "Shift" in the shortcut setup, but then you also need to press Shift to use those keys on the numpad.

07Nov23- Textures don't work on unselected parts (Sequencer>Part).
07Dec19- No way to change Mixer Mute and Solo "Pushed" state.
08May24- Some colors can't be changed: piano keyboard, slider "track", mixer VU meter, the little triangles to expand/collapse inline editing on tracks, insert effect power button, EQ display line, mixer header backgrounds, text-editing fields, "(Modified)" text, selection rectangle, and transport buttons.
08Jun05- Render button fill/frame follows the state of the Browser button
08Nov14- Menu Bar Separator state can't be set (always "None" after save/reload)
09Oct09- Line behind skinned mixer volume knob doesn't show through transparent png

Modular View:
07Aug10- Components added from sequencer are all placed on top of one another.
09Sep23- When the modular page is scrolled, you can't drag connections.

VST Hosting:
07Jun08- A user can only use 101 values of resolution for VST parameter boxes (track header, and GUI-less plugins), while high resolution is available using an envelope.
07Jun08- XT does not release memory when deleting components! (for undo functionality).
**07Jun15- SampleTank2 preAnalysis locks up XT2
**07Jun15- Problematic VSTs in XT2
08Jun05- XT2 doesn't correctly support "shell" VSTs (i.e. Waves plugins). Use shell2vst as a workaround.
08Aug18- problem saving fxb
09Jun12- VSTs added by drag & drop aren't included in the Recent menu
09Jul03- Can't type into text fields after opening sfz GUI

08Feb01- VU meters don't move while recording
08Mar01- No clipping indicator on meters
08Jun30- "Repeat" (should be called "Duplicate"?) in the mixer menu adds a new mixer program with the default settings (all boxes checked)

07Jun01- Clicking on a folder triangle (other than previewed sample's parent) after previewing a sample will retrigger the selected sample.
**07Jul10- Previewing slices in audiopool from a rx2 will repeat audio buffer.
07Nov23- It's no longer possible to rename or remove top-level plugin folders from the browser. The right-click menu is blank. You can still rename them by editing energyXT.ini.
09Feb13- When no results are found in a search, the "<no items found>" text doesn't appear until you click in the browser area.

++07Dec19- Arpeggiator changes all notes passing through it to channel 1.
08Jun05- Arpeggiator doesn't respond to "All Notes Off" (CC 123) and will continue playing forever if it receives a stuck note.
10Oct01- Mute a track with an arp running with hold does not mute the arp! Continues playing...

08May24- When controling 'osc FB' or 'modulation FB' with midi the waveform of the osc disapears.
08Jul11- On the MIDI tab of the synthesizer, scrolling the CC list with the mouse wheel doesn't move the scrollbar.
08Jul11- Release curvature on envelopes doesn't seem to do anything.
10Jan11- Envelopes aren't used when importing soundfonts
10Jan11- When imported soundfont's sample rate doesn't match energyXT, the samples are out of tune
10Octo1- Soundfont implementation seems to lack proper playback of loops.

Multi Effect:
08May30- On some systems, adjustment of the Guitar amp and selection of "Dirty" (or adjusting "Bass" on the Clean channel?) sends the dB meter crazy and completely kills the audio engine.
09Jul24- Drive setting on Crunch channel is not saved. It resets to 50 when reopening a project.

07Jul10- The popup editor always displays the grid relative to the beginning of the part, rather than the beginning of the song. Snapping uses the song position, but quantize uses the part grid position.
07Jul10- Sequencer mixer strip for tracks routed to sends show sends for that send, including self. (But send to send functionality not working and not shown in whole mixer).
07Nov23- Monitor/Midi Thru button states are reversed. They use the "Pushed" state when monitoring is off.
07Nov23- Some graphics can hang out the bottom of the track (piano roll octave number, track output names, drum track waveforms, etc).
07Nov23- XT2 doesn't send the right time signature in VstTimeInfo
08Mar01- Timeline in popup editor never changes after opening the editor once, until you open the editor for a different part.
**08May24- Sometimes the loop, or playposition done in the editor is placed at the beginning of the main timeline, even though the part was never at the beginning.
08May30- Loop button shows the wrong state when loading projects saved with looping turned off in older XT2 versions (before the loop button was in the main transport).
10Jan11- Bar numbers get messed up after importing MIDI files if custom time signatures are used.
10Jun04- Play cursor always snaps to grid even when snap is off.
10Nov19- For multi-output instruments, sequencer mixer strip does not remember the displayed output per-track when multiple tracks go to the same destination.

**07Jun15- Frozen and/or grouped tracks get out of sync (example projects): Make two tracks routed to different Synthesizer comps, put SIR as an insert on one, and freeze the other one. The frozen one plays early. Apparently frozen tracks do not use PDC.

07Jun15- Canceling a "bounce to audio track" dialog will still create a small blank .wav on a new track and in the audio pool.
07Jun15- The "Render file" dialogue starts at C:\, you have to navigate all the way down from C:\ to get to the folder you want to use [instead of last folder used].
08Jan18- "Bounce to audio track": Selection of WAV/AIF doesn't do anything (always renders wav)
08Jan18- Insert effects on frozen tracks are not applied when rendering
08Feb01- Volume is reduced when rendering to mono
08May24- None of the settings in the Bounce dialog are remembered next time you bounce.
08Jul11- Unused (disconnected) outputs of multi-out plugins are treated as "tracks" for Multi-track export. A blank audio file is created for each unused output.
**10Oct01- Under Windows 7, importing mp3 files with LAME does not work if the project is saved in a restricted location, e.g. anywhere inside "program files". Works if energyXT is ran with administrator powers, or if the project is saved at a folder owned by the user.

Midi Export:
09Mar09- M.Ch "blank" setting is not retained when re-importing exported MIDI files.
09Mar09- XT2 doesn't ask before overwriting a file for MIDI export.

Midi Tracks:
07Jun15- MIDI is only recorded to tracks that were selected when recording was started. In other words, it's not good to change track selection while recording. [the information gets displayed the next time you press record instead of right away (sometimes?)]
07Jul10- Using the line tool on Pitch Wheel allows you to draw into other lanes, and the bars go out of bounds.
07Jul10- Vertical scrollbar in pop-up midi editor doesn't refresh when scrolling vertically with pgup/pgdown, until you click in the editor area.
07Aug10- Scrolling the in-track piano roll up or down by dragging notes off the page doesn't move the notes.
08Jun05- When a midi track is routed to two or more components, and the last one doesn't have an audio output, the mixer strip shows the name of the last component but the controls of a different one.
09Jun12- Piano keyboard display in inline editor doesn't refresh when scrolling vertically with arrow keys in step record mode.
09Jun12- Clicking on piano roll keyboard doesn't work with Note Preview off. Clicks are stored until Note Preview is turned on, then the notes are played as hanging notes.

Drum Tracks / Drum Sampler:
**07Jun08- Using a choke group in a drum sampler will create a click on choking. [Seems to be better but still getting click if I choke the kick in the 909.xtc]
07Jul10- Resizing a ghost drum part from the left causes notes to be entered in the wrong place horizontally.
08May16- Drum insert effects only last the length of the sample (i.e. no tail on reverb)
08May24- Docked drum sampler GUI doesn't resize correctly when opening/closing the effects strip
09Feb05- When the drum pads window is scrolled down, clicking on a pad makes it scroll back to the top.

Audio Tracks:
07Jun01- Audio parts act inconsistent! A part created by dragging a sample to a track does not behave the same a part that is created by dragging a samples into a blank part. Many issues and suggestions; please see link!
07Jun01- Shortening a single-sample part of a different sample rate than XT's sample rate by dragging the left edge in Normal mode moves the sample slightly. (Also happens with "Autoslice")
07Jun01- Coarse pitch for samples inside multi-sample parts is always displayed as 0 when you select the sample, even if you've changed it earlier.
07Jun01- Samples inside multi-sample parts are always treated as complete events. They can't be resized, and they always play in full even after the end of the part.
07Jun01- If you adjust the pitch of a normal-mode single-sample part and then split it, it splits in the wrong place, and the resulting parts overlap. If you select a section of the part and normalize it (or delete, trim, fade in/out, etc) this also applies to the wrong section of the part.
07Jun15- Playing too many single sample parts in stretch mode will mute some parts every other bar (file included in link)
09Feb13- Splitting an audio part creates a click/pop
09Jul24- crossfade causes loud click
10Jan11- Edit in external audio editor doesn't work on some systems (Windows 7 64-bit)

07Jun01- Automation for an instrument/effect remains in part even after effect is moved or removed. If you re-add the VST, the automation will not re-apply to that VST. The information is dead data.
07Jun08- Recording VST parameters will only record to one part. [It only records into the part that the play cursor is on at the time you press record]
07Jul10- Volume automation is a ms or two late at beginning of clips. Creates click.
07Aug10- Envelope points recorded from the value box/mixer/VST GUI always snap to a 16th note grid.
07Nov18- Envelopes aren't saved in .xtc clips.
07Nov18- If you resize a part to the left, envelope points can't be moved past the original start point of the part, until you create a new point to the left.
**07Nov23- Envelope weirdness
**08Feb01- Envelopes can send values outside of range (CCs over 127, etc). (Only when "Buffer size" in audio setup is not a power of 2?)
08Mar01- Can't record more than one parameter at a time from VST GUI (for XY pads)
08Mar01- If you highlight node curves over multiple lanes and you try to edit them (drag to new position whatever), all lanes seem to respond, but as soon as you finish the action only one lane actually keeps the changes.
08Mar01- Envelope segments play past the end of a part (until the next envelope point)
08Aug18- Recording automation from a VSTi's GUI doesn't work unless the VST is added from within the sequencer
08Nov14- Recording automation from a the GUI of an insert effect doesn't work
09Jul03- Automation lookahead still applies when an automation lane is muted.

**07Jun08- Various issues listed here (other than the crashes listed at the top of this thread, do any of these problems still exist?)
07Jul10- The VST version doesn't always have keyboard focus when it should.
**07Nov23- Controller Map window disappears when using multiple XT2 VSTs in Ableton Live and Renoise
**08Feb16- XT2 VST doesn't work with Sonar's "X-Ray" functionality
08Mar01- VST version doesn't report latency to host
**08Mar01- VST version Doesn't work in Max/MSP
08Jun05- When syncing to Renoise, the loop marker is always on the first bar only, and when playing outside of the first bar, XT2's sound is messed up.
**10Oct01- vsti version inside AudioMulch to sequence a vst with the AudioMulch loop points set to 1 bar the energyxt transport skips the first note of the first(only) bar once every couple passes.

Linux-specific issues: (More detail here)
07Jun15- In LINUX, "ntfs" file systems mounted as "read/write" don't work. You can't browse into any directories. (fixed in newer versions of ntfs-3g)
07Jun15- Other non-ext3fs filesystems don't work either (XFS, ReiserFS, etc.)
07Nov23- Linux version treats some RGB values in .xtl files as BGR (Window close/min/max buttons, and Synthesizer wave/fader)
**07Nov23- Realtime-patched 2.6.21 or 2.6.22 kernels don't work with XT2. 2.6.20 is okay. 2.6.24 is okay?
07Nov23- Minimize button doesn't work (you may be able to minimize through the window manager)
07Nov23- On some systems, maximized windows appear behind Gnome/fluxbox/etc panel along the bottom of the screen
07Nov23- Synthesizer "Edit all" button looks weird (text overlaps power button)
08Feb16- No external midi out (workaround: use Drumfix's midiout.so VST)
**08May16- Waveforms aren't always displayed
**08May24- Drum Editor has display issues/glitches when switching to and from pad view.
**08Jun05- Ubuntu 8.04 visual effects stop XT2 dropdown menus from working
09Feb05- Crash on some systems when recording audio in Windows version via Wine
10Jan11- ALSA MIDI input doesn't work on some systems with included libaam.so

OSX-specific issues:
07Nov18- Ctrl-click doesn't function as right click. (Command-click does instead)
08Feb01- Minimize button doesn't work
08Mar01- Drag & drop midi files from the browser (or from VSTs like EZDrummer) doesn't work on PPC macs
08Mar01- Some VSTs (Native Instruments stuff, etc) don't work on PPC macs
08Jun05- Loading .xtl files saved with the Windows version causes XT2 to crash (or is all messed up) on PPC (& intel?) macs
08Jun05- Choosing M-Audio MobilePre USB as input device causes a kernel panic
08Aug01- Crash with dialog boxes in OS X (10.5.4)
10Jan11- MIDI import doesn't work on PPC macs


08Mar01- Pageup/Pagedown works in dropdown menus but not in "normal" menus
08May16- All top-level VST folders are combined into one list in the "add VST" menus
08Aug01- PDC doesn't apply in some cases:
1. Routing two signals, where one needs PDC, to a Group (or other component) causes them to be out of sync.
2. Wet/dry on insert effects does not use PDC (dry signal isn't delayed).

07Jun29- Songs are saved with their sample's locations as absolute paths instead of relative. Locations should be relative to the project's location. Ideally options to save song and sample folder to a parent folder for just that project, or to save all samples directly to the .xt would be very appreciated.
07Jul10- Cannot use "Y"/"N" shortcuts to answer Yes/No dialog (there's no way to choose "No" using the keyboard).
07Nov23- Many open/save dialogs start at C:\ instead of remembering the last used folder

Controller Map:
07Jun01- Solo is not mappable.
07Jun15- Deleting a mapped component will create empty boxes in the map.
07Jun15- Creating a new program always gets the name "Program". Adding a number would make things clearer.
07Jun15- When I opened Classic Delay with MIDI Learn On, I get 4 Mappings without doing anything else; Classic Auto-Filter "auto maps" one knob too.
08May30- Default size of the Controller Map window is too small for the "bpm" CC selector.
09Nov02- CCs mapped to plugins on Sequencer tracks via the Controller Map don't get recorded in the Sequencer unless it is connected directly to the MIDI In.

09Feb05- "Shortcuts" text is a little too big to fit in the tab
09Jul03- "Empty Project" from the Startup menu under Global Setup is actually the same as the "Modular setup" template, rather than the "Empty Project" template, which contains an empty sequencer.

07Jun01- XT will let me assign the same key command to more than one action in the same functional area (tested in sequencer). XT uses the first action in the shortcut list with shortcut assigned to key. A dialog that at least tells you and prohibits or better, lets you do it and then re-assign conflicting shortcuts would be good.
07Jun01- Please alphabetize the list of shortcuts. (And display shortcuts in main menus?)
07Jul10- Default shortcut for Find and Freeze are the same (and Freeze will take priority)

07Nov18- No option for Speedbutton mouseover text; undo/redo buttons should be their own distinct type.

Modular View:
08May30- Can't tell the difference between mono and stereo pins.

VST Hosting:
07Jun01- Some VSTs (Digital Fishphones/Buzz Room for example) don't display their programs in the dropdown list. This means the plugin doesn't implement getProgramNameIndexed(), and this should ideally be fixed in the plugin.
08May24- "kVstTransportRecording" flag isn't set in VstTimeInfo when XT2 is recording
08May30- SynthEdit plugins with more than two inputs show all their inputs as mono (limitation of SynthEdit)

07Jun01- Cannot drag VSTs from OS to mixer (as send/insert effect)
07Jun15- Creating a new program always gets the name "Program". Adding a number would make things clearer.
08May30- Can't use multichannel effects as inserts/sends. Only the first input and output are used.
09Jun12- Recent VST menu doesn't show when right-clicking Send and Insert boxes

07Jun01- Can create folders in dialogs like save but not in the Disks section of the browser.
07Jul10- Samples from drum tracks and synths are not shown in the audiopool.
07Jul10- Slices from RX2 have no file extension in the audiopool.
07Dec19- "Delete" in the audio pool is always available for files in the temp or project audio folder, but it only deletes newly-recorded files (they aren't deleted from disk if the project has been saved since the files were recorded)
07Dec19- Cannot Remove multiple (selected with ctrl-click) unused files from the audio pool at once
08May16- No preview for mp3 files
08May16- Drag & drop from the browser to a VST window doesn't work
08Jun05- Can't drag samples from audio pool to drum track

07Jun01- Able to set sampler zone end key before beginning key.
07Jun15- Ctrl+ select many synth presets, drag them to an empty midi track and you get a sampler for each .xts each with a default program and the .xts. We were expecting just one synth with a named program for each .xts for easy previewing.
07Jun15- The "Edit all" button doesn't affect the oscillator section, the FX section, or the zone section.
07Jun15- Sustain pedal (CC64) does not sustain synth.
07Jun15- Ring mod introduces DC offset.
07Jun15- Creating a new program always gets the name "Program". Adding a number would make things clearer.
07Aug10- Cannot drag zone markers with mouse (must use note boxes)
07Nov18- Synthesizer (along with Multi-Effect and Classic Arp) don't use the Controller Map, and GUI movements can't be recorded as envelopes.
08May24- Synthesizer doesn't respond to midi program change.
08Aug18- "Org.Key" (for sample sounds) shows note number instead of note name on Edit tab (fixed on Zone tab)

07Jun01- I am able to edit frozen tracks, but I still hear the rendered sound (of course). Perhaps add a visual indication that the info has been updated?
07Jun01- I can route audio out to a sequencer that feeds a component (feedback loop), when I click Record, an audio part is created containing "silent" recording; either the recording should work (with suitable precautions against feedback loops) or the routing should not be available.
07Jun01- Right-clicking over Velocity, CC etc lane headers pops up the Context menu but the menu choices (other than Show and Delete) do nothing (Rename would be useful).
07Jun08- All components will have their name appear twice as "name name" in the input select context
07Jun15- Creating a new program always gets the name "Program". Adding a number would make things clearer.
07Jul10- Cannot copy and paste (with ctrl-c/ctrl-v) note/sample/envelope data inside parts or across parts (can only copy/paste whole parts!)
07Nov18- Middle click sets the play cursor position in the sequencer arrange window, but not in the popup editors.
08Jan15- Next Beat & Prior Beat shortcuts don't work in the popup editor
08Jan18- Metronome is always in quarter notes, regardless of time signature
08May16- Can't add folder tracks or empty MIDI tracks from right click menu (when not clicking on an existing track)
==08May24- Sequencer mixer strip only shows one output even though the track can be routed to multiple destinations.
08Jun30- Cut (ctrl-x) removes a track, but you can't paste a track
08Jul11- With overlapping parts, the resize-arrows appear for the edge of the part underneath (but you can only resize the top part from there)
10Jun18- Can't directly create a new empty folder track or empty drum track with the new "Add Track" dialog.

Midi Tracks & Popup Editor:
07Jun01- Can't add aftertouch events by GUI. When you select a note, the associated AT should get highlighted, and you should be able to add AT for that note. Selected aftertouch should transpose with the associated note.
07Jun01- Aftertouch should probably be listed by note name in the event list, to match how notes are listed.
07Jun01- When I add a controller view in the popup editor, it is not automatically displayed in the Controller Panel, the previous view remains there. Clicking on the name after selecting would be a good way to choose which to make active after adding.
07Jun01- please add stacked and overlay view to pop-up editors.
07Jun01- XT does not indicate what CC's are on part/track other than in the event list. Automated CC's should be added to drop downs and/or have it's own tree.
07Jun01- "Delete" (right click) a CC lane should read "Hide" to avoid confusion (the events are not deleted, the lane is just removed from view).
07Jun29- In the event list, the "h" of Aftertouch overlaps the note number.
07Jul10- Control change and MIDI Envelope headers are missing a Mute [M] button, a value display and a vertical value indicator that VST parameter headers have.
08May24- Object bar "Program" selector only applies to the first connected plugin.
08May30- Copying MIDI/drum parts with ctrl-c doesn't work when the track is in inline editing mode. (As of June 30th beta, selected notes are copied, but when no notes are selected the whole part still isn't copied)
08Aug18- Changing a note's velocity with Alt-click doesn't change the color until mouseup
09Feb05- If you "Select All" in the piano roll when some events occur before the beginning of the part, and then try to move them to the left, they instead move right so that the first event snaps to the beginning of the part.
09Jun12- Note preview doesn't work in step record mode (expecting to hear the note when it is inserted)
09Jun12- "Select All" doesn't work in step record mode
10Jan11- Note preview doesn't work when selecting notes with arrow keys
10Oct01- "Duplicate Track" doesn't duplicate track's content

Drum Tracks & Kit Editor:
07Jun01- Length of a drum hit can be changed to less than 1, using the arrow buttons in the object bar, or alt-left/right.
07Jun08- 8 bit samples will not play but can be dragged to drum samplers.
07Nov23- Drum sampler doesn't have an M.Ch (input channel) setting. It responds to all channels.
08Mar01- Can't right-click-drag to scroll up & down
08Mar01- Can't alt-drag to adjust selected parameter while inserting a drum hit
08May16- Can't automate drum inserts & sends
09Jun12- Right-click menu doesn't appear for Drum Sampler Send and Insert boxes

Audio Tracks & Popup Editor:
07Jun01- Multi-sample parts can't be stretched as a whole (moving all samples' positions relative to the part length).
08May16- Fade slopes can be longer than the audio part
08May16- In multi-sample audio parts, the fades cover up the sample names
08May24- Single-sample and multi-sample parts behave differently when resizing them from the left. For single-sample parts, the audio moves; for multi-sample parts, it doesn't.
08May30- Cannot create ghost parts of single-sample audio parts.
08Jul11- Crossfade (Shift-X) doesn't work on slices within multi-sample parts
08Jul11- Fade in/out times aren't stretched with the sample in some cases

07Jun15- Envelopes do not show the handles between points if the points are horizontally close together (<16 pixels?), but you can still adjust the curvature.
07Jul10- ctrl+drag copy of envelopes is lane and part limited; you cannot drag to another lane or another part.
07Aug10- Automation information is tied to lanes by appearance order, rather than parameter index when moved from track to track.
08May30- When splitting a part in the middle of an automation line, the line disappears (should create new points on either side of the split?).
08May30- When recording envelopes from the GUI, the starting value is not recorded. Ideally, a point should be inserted at the current value as soon as you click on a control.
08Jun30- Copy/Paste (ctrl-c/ctrl-v) doesn't work on envelopes and CC events. Cut (ctrl-x) removes them, but you can't paste them.
10Oct01- Automation from MIDI CCs is recorded inconsistently

07Jun01- XT2 does not warn when overwriting files while rendering with "Export Project".
08Jan18- If you press the 'x' (close button) in the render window while already rendering, the whole track (resp. the part between the locators) is nevertheless rendered completely. It should do the same as pressing 'Cancel' in the dialog.

07Jun15- You cannot change the Project Audio folder's location once it's been chosen (except by saving the project to a different location via "Save As").

To select multiple items ctrl+click should always be multi select and shift+click should always be range select (please):
07Jun01- Comp view: multi-select is shift+click (should be ctrl+click)
07Jun01- Sequencer parts: multi-select is shift+click (should be ctrl+click)
07Jun01- Midi notes: multi-select is shift+click (should be ctrl+click)
07Jun15- Browser: range select is missing (should be shift+click to select all between first and second click)

07Nov23- No VST versions for Linux & OS X
07Nov23- In external sync mode, the view jumps to the cursor on host playback even when autoscroll is off.


Right click menu missing commands:
07Jun01- Resample mode (audio part context)
07Jun01- Pitch (audio part context) (would be helpful to show pitch offset on parts)
07Jun01- Add VST (modular context)
07Jun01- Insert sample/midi file (track, audio part, drum kit context)
07Jun01- Duplicate (component context)
07Jun15- Set recording Mono/Stereo (audio track context)
07Jun15- Zoom selection (part context)
07Jun15- Loop selection (part context)
07Jul10- Render selection to new track (part context)

Top menu missing commands:
07Jun01- Add VST (modular, mixer)
07Jun01- Duplicate (component)
07Jun15- Loop selection

Missing GUI Commands:
07Jun15- Octave up/down (midi object bar)
07Jun15- Midi learn on/off (VST wrapper)
09Jun12- Step record on/off (sequencer)

Missing Shortcuts:
07Jun01- Resample mode (audio part context)
07Jun01- Pitch (audio part context) (would be helpful to show pitch offset on parts)
07Jun01- Color (track, part contexts)
07Jun01- Add VST (track, modular, mixer contexts)
07Jun01- Minimize/Un-minimize track(track, part context) [was H in 1.x]
07Jun01- Insert sample/midi file (track, audio part, drum kit context)
07Jul10- Midi learn on/off (global)
07Nov18- Scroll up/down (sequencer)
08Feb01- Toggle triplet snap (sequencer) [was T in 1.x]
08Feb01- Toggle dotted snap (sequencer)
08Feb01- Toggle absolute/relative snap (sequencer) [was D in 1.x]
08Mar01- Minimize window (global) [was F12 in 1.x]
08Mar01- Show main right-click menu (modular) [was menu key in 1.x]
08Mar01- Show component menu (modular) [was M in 1.x]
08Mar01- Stack/overlay controllers (track)
08Mar01- Change envelope segment curvature (envelope) [suggestion: alt-arrows]
08May16- Normalize (audio part)
08May16- Beatslice (audio part)
08May16- Autoslice (audio part)

Unconfigurable Shortcuts:
07Nov23- Scroll left [,] (sequencer)
07Nov23- Scroll right [.] (sequencer)
08Mar01- Maximize window [F11] (global)
08Mar01- Space bar is always play/pause in addition to configured shortcut (ENTER by default)
08Mar01- Home is always rewind in addition to configured shortcut (3 by default)
08Jun05- Backspace is always "Delete" in addition to configured shortcut (DEL by default)
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Post Fri May 16, 2008 7:36 pm

Here is a list of the fixes and new bug reports that come up during the current version of energyXT2.

Fixed in jul 30 beta:
07Nov23- Drum tracks don't have a Monitor/MIDI thru button
07Jun15- Alt+right click to slice audio only works on the header of single-event parts (for inline editing). You can't split a single-event part in the popup editor. (fix: can now use ctrl-K to split single event)

Newly listed issues:
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Post Thu Nov 18, 2010 9:11 am

Fixed in nov 19 beta:
08May24- Sequencer mixer strip only shows one output (and you can't choose which one) even though the track can be routed to multiple destinations, or to a component with multiple outputs.

I thinks it's only partially fixed, since it's still not possible to choose between the destinations.
Or do I miss something?

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Post Mon Nov 22, 2010 8:43 am

thanks, you are correct. updated.
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Re: BUG REPORT list - known issues in energyXT2

Post Mon Dec 15, 2014 6:02 am

I see the minimize button hasn't worked in OS X for some time now and still doesn't. Any chance of fixing this?

EDIT: I'm looking through this list of bugs and their dates. Are all these "old" bugs still not fixed? Just wondering if I made a bad purchase.

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