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News Archive for January 2003

31st January 2003Making Waves Audio/Pro/Studio v4.5 released

31st January 2003Eric Persing from Spectrasonics interviewed @ TraXmusic.Org

31st January 2003New skin for Pentagon I

31st January 2003LinPlug CronoX v2.02 released (Inc. OS X version)

31st January 2003Rob Papen/LinPlug Albino v1.01 released

31st January 2003TenCrazy.com KitBoost & NameTweak for DR-008 released

31st January 2003Axxeom Lupah v1.06 and Trionic v1.07 released

31st January 2003Plugsound v1.8 and Plugsound Box released

28th January 2003Tiny God Heartburn v1.09 released

28th January 2003Evolution UC-33 announced (Hardware Controller)

28th January 2003Synapse Orion Platinum v3.8 released

28th January 2003Spectrasonics Trilogy now shipping (really...)

27th January 2003i3 DSP-Quattro v1.01 released

27th January 2003Rumblence:Zoyd Public Technology Preview released

27th January 2003Dash Synthesis daHornet released

26th January 2003Vivaldi MX v2.0 build 105 (Alpha version) released

25th January 2003Muzys 3.0 announced

25th January 2003SX Complete winners announced

24th January 2003Native Instruments Kontakt v1.2 released

24th January 2003Digital Performer for Mac OS X shown @ NAMM (AU Support)

24th January 2003DashSynthesis ComboSister v1.24 released

24th January 2003GMedia Oddity demo version now available

23rd January 2003Sonic Reality announces UFO: Universal Format Outputter!

23rd January 2003Outsim Synthmaker v.072 released

23rd January 2003Groovecube Exciton v1.1.1 released

23rd January 2003Audiobox v0.02 beta released (VST script language/Plugin maker)

23rd January 2003Steinberg SL/SX v1.052 for OS X released

23rd January 2003i3 DSP-Quattro v1.0 released

23rd January 2003New Ultimate Sound Bank(USB) instruments announced: UltraFocus, Xtreme FX, Charlie & Angel

23rd January 2003MHC Vox FX v1.0 released and included in the MHC bundles

22nd January 2003Steinberg Model-E v1.1 & LM-4 MK II v1.1 for OS X released

22nd January 2003FASoft n-Track Studio v3.1.10 released

22nd January 2003Massiva v1.2 & EnergyPRO v1.6 released

22nd January 2003About Arturia TAE, by Matt Lupo

21st January 2003MOTU MachFive Sampler announced

20th January 2003Skale Tracker v0.75 released

20th January 2003Vivaldi MX v2.0 build 104 (Alpha version) released

19th January 2003SilenceVST build 2003.01.18 released

19th January 2003DSound NAMM 2003 press release

19th January 2003Vivaldi MX v2.0 build 102 (Alpha version) released

17th January 2003Emagic Product Collections announced

17th January 2003Raw Material Tracktion v1.2 released

17th January 2003Synapse Orion Basic v3.721 released

17th January 2003Native Instruments presents Reaktor Session (again...)

17th January 2003Native Instruments announce Reaktor 4

17th January 2003Native Instruments announce Vokator

17th January 2003Native Instruments announce Intakt

17th January 2003Native Instruments announce Kompakt

16th January 2003MHC Space Synthesizer v1.4 released

16th January 2003Open Labs Announces eKo -

16th January 2003Pluggo 3.1 announced for Mac OS X

16th January 2003Emagic announce Logic 6

16th January 2003Cakewalk Announces Sonar v2.2

16th January 2003Arturia announces the release of it's emulation of the MODULAR SYSTEM 3C

16th January 2003Novation Launch V-Station

16th January 2003VSTHost v1.06 released

15th January 2003Anarchy Sound Software SwarmSynth info

15th January 2003Causal Agency Additive Synth - new version & source code GPL'ed

15th January 2003MultitrackStudio v2.12 released

15th January 2003Cakewalk Project5 to be unveiled @ NAMM

15th January 2003AAS Tassman 3 to be available on February 1st

14th January 2003Vivaldi MX v2.0 build 101 (Alpha version) released

14th January 2003Console v1.06 released

14th January 2003Akai VZ8 to be unveiled @ NAMM

13th January 2003Vivaldi MX v2.0 build 100 (Alpha version) released

13th January 2003New VST Plugin Bundle for Windows from MHC: Studio Setup 1

13th January 2003Tiny God Heartburn v1.05 released

13th January 2003BuzzXP GM Set for XS-1 released

12th January 2003AudioBox v0.01 beta released (VST script language/Plugin maker)

11th January 2003VirSyn to release Mac OS X and AudioUnit versions of TERA (@ NAMM)

11th January 2003New banks/patches for Kontakt/Reaktor/HALion added

11th January 2003BuzzXP release two new instruments for Jeskola XS-1

11th January 2003Muon Tau Pro and Electron DXi versions released

10th January 2003NUSofting Fat Machine Windows VSTi released

10th January 2003TR-808 kit for Battery/HALion/Kontakt/LM-4 1 & 2

10th January 2003Dash Synthesis Combo Sister Club launched

9th January 2003Awave Studio v8.6 (with DR-008 support) released

9th January 2003Sectionz.com and Dash Synthesis AlfaSZ released

7th January 2003Big Tick Rhino v0.91 Public Beta released

6th January 2003Groovecube Exciton v1.1 released

5th January 2003SilenceVST build 2-Jan-2003 released (CSound)

5th January 2003Muzys v2.44 released

5th January 2003Green Oak Crystal v2.1 released

5th January 2003LinPlug CronoX 2 released

5th January 2003Massiva v1.14 released

5th January 2003Tiny God Heartburn v1.0 released

5th January 2003AudioMulch v0.9b11 released

5th January 2003Expert Sleepers Crossfade Loop Synth v0.2b released

5th January 2003Dash Synthesis ComboSister v1.08 released

5th January 2003Dash Synthesis daAlfa2k v1.54 released

5th January 2003Yellow Tools Majestic and Culture MacOS VSTi demos released