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News Archive for January 2006

31st January 2006AMG releases ONE (with Core Library) (+ONE/KAB Bundle)

31st January 2006Bigga Giggas releases John Rekevics Saxophone Library (24-bit GS3)

31st January 2006Time Freezer v2.0 announced

31st January 2006Sound Studio v3.0.2 now available

30th January 2006ILIO announces Samplebase / Satellite

30th January 2006QuikQuak releases RaySpace for OS X (VST)

30th January 2006MOTU announces Digital Performer 5

30th January 2006Ueberschall announces Liquid Instrument Series Horn Section

30th January 2006Ueberschall releases Elastik Instrument Series 60s a GoGo

30th January 2006Access announces Virus TI v1.1 (+Intel-Mac compatibility)

30th January 2006Jack OS X v0.7.2 released

30th January 2006Rocktave releases Delta SP v1.78

30th January 2006n-Track Studio v4.1.6 (beta) build 2043 released

30th January 2006Expert Sleepers releases Crossfade Loop Synth VST (v2.1.1)

30th January 2006Convolver v2.23 released

27th January 2006Enhanced Quantum FX Effects Library Now Online

27th January 2006AudioWarrior releases Kreator v1.0

26th January 2006SpeedSoft releases VSampler v3.52

26th January 2006Electronisounds releases The Producer's Vault: Big Shots [WAV]

26th January 2006Rayzoon releases FreePak for Jamstix

26th January 2006Mackie releases Mackie Mixing Tools for Tracktion 2 (Boxed)

26th January 2006Auxbuss releases HALion3 Unleashed (video tutorial)

26th January 2006Frieve releases Music Studio Producer v1.20

26th January 2006Band-in-a-Box 2006 build 204 beta now available

26th January 2006MOTU announces Ethno Instrument

26th January 2006bismark releases bs-1 and bs-16 v3.0

26th January 2006Bram Bos updates Tunafish to v1.3

25th January 2006Mesa+ releases Add v1.0 (Phrase Sampler)

25th January 2006Discovery Sound releases TUVA: khoomei (ACID/WAV/REX2)

25th January 2006Prodyon launches Spacehawk - Ambient Textures Group Buy

25th January 2006Audio Damage updates FuzzPlus 2 to v2.1 (OSX)

25th January 2006Boris K. sets INTRO Free

25th January 2006macProVideo.com releases Logic's Plug-Ins: Unplugged (tutorial video)

24th January 2006East West updates WordBuilder for Symphonic Choirs

24th January 2006NuGen Audio releases Monofilter v2.0

24th January 2006Prosoniq announces Intel-Mac support

24th January 2006Ueberschall announces The Voice Vol. 1 and 2

24th January 2006Cycling '74 shows Surround Processing and Up Mixing Technology

24th January 2006Kreativ Sounds releases Loops Packs Series 3 & 4 (+Free Pack)

24th January 2006Precisionsound releases Retro Gadgets Vol1 (KON/HAL/SF2)

24th January 2006SAWStudio / Lite v3.9k / Basic 1.4k now available

23rd January 2006Prodyon virtual gear releases DJ Frog Virtual DJ v1.0

23rd January 2006Clone Ensemble releases Steroid Bouncer v1.0

23rd January 2006Mobius updated to v1.20

23rd January 2006UplandToys releases BallSequencer v1.0.1

23rd January 2006Darrell Tam releases DtBlkFx v0.9

23rd January 2006David Ross releases EQ18 v1.0

23rd January 2006reFX releases Silicon Frontiers for Vanguard (+Final Day of Sale)

23rd January 2006Alphakanal releases Automat v0.3.9

23rd January 2006Audio Damage updates FuzzPlus 2 to v2.1 (Win)

23rd January 2006Korg announces microX Synthesizer (H/W with Plug-in Editor)

23rd January 2006Korg introduces X50 Synthesizer (H/W with Plug-in editor)

21st January 2006Elevayta releases Del Boy v1.0.1

21st January 2006Iced Audio updates AudioFinder to 3.9.4

21st January 2006Steinway & Sons and Garritan announce Authorized Steinway Piano

20th January 2006Adobe releases Audition 2 demo version

20th January 2006VSTLord v0.3.1 released

20th January 2006Native Instruments announces KORE

20th January 2006Band-in-a-Box 2006 build 202 beta now available

20th January 2006Synthmaker v0.9.5i released

20th January 2006Tone2 releases BiFilter v1.5

20th January 2006Apple updates Soundtrack Pro to v1.0.3

20th January 2006Wild Front Ear updates VST Shell to v3.5

20th January 2006Sony releases Tony Franklin and Siggi Baldursson Libraries

20th January 2006Sonic Reality / Joytown Productions Studio ProFiles release announced

20th January 2006Sonic Reality announces R.A.W Universal Groove Kit

20th January 2006Sonic Reality announces Infinite Instrument Series (Drum Libraries)

20th January 2006jVSTwRapper v0.8 now available

20th January 2006URS announces A-MIX and N-MIX EQ's (+Bundle updates)

20th January 2006URS releases Classic Console Compressors v1.0 (VST)

20th January 2006Ueberschall announces Liquid Player v1.1

19th January 2006Muse Research releases UniWire and Receptor 1.5 Public Betas

19th January 2006Muse Research announces dfh-Superior and dfh-Custom & Vintage for Receptor

19th January 2006Ueberschall announces The Resource (incl. Elastik loop player)

19th January 2006Roland announces SH-201 Synth (H/W with VSTi editor)

19th January 2006Mackie updates Tracktion to v2.1.0.6

19th January 2006NI updates Guitar Rig to v2.0.1

19th January 2006Sonic Implants unveils MUSE

19th January 2006Toontrack announce dfh EZdrummer (+EZX Expansions)

19th January 2006Ableton announces immediate Intel-Mac support + Multi-core version in Q3

19th January 2006Arturia announces Prophet V

19th January 2006Steinberg commits to development for Mac/Intel

19th January 2006Steinberg announces Virtual Guitarist 2

19th January 2006Steinberg premieres WaveLab 6 at NAMM

19th January 2006Steinberg releases VST 2.4 SDK

19th January 2006Cakewalk announces Rapture

19th January 2006IK Multimedia announcements @ NAMM (incl. AT2 Shipping)

19th January 2006Cakewalk announces SONAR Power Studio Music Production Systems

19th January 2006Cakewalk announces Dimension Pro v1.1 (+GPO Content)

19th January 2006Sony announces ACID Pro 6

19th January 2006Tascam announces GigaViolin

19th January 2006Synthogy announces Fazioli add-on for Ivory

19th January 2006E-MU announces Emulator X2 & Proteus X2

19th January 2006Tascam announces GVI - Giga Virtual Instrument

19th January 2006Korg releases KLC Digital Edition v1.1 (M1 1.5, WS 1.5.3, MDE-X 1.2.2)

19th January 2006SSL releases LMC-1 Compressor for Windows

19th January 2006Hexter v0.5.9 released (DSSI)

19th January 2006Voxengo updates Redunoise to v1.5

19th January 2006AudioMulch v1.0rc2 released

19th January 2006Admiral Quality releases Naive LPF v0.6

19th January 2006Kjaerhus Audio releases Spectra v1.0.1

19th January 2006Expert Sleepers releases Crossfade Loop Synth VST (v2.1.1 beta)

19th January 2006Starplugs updates Cyclone Delay to v1.1

18th January 2006AcustiX Steinway Piano II released (HAL)

18th January 2006Boris K. releases MEDDLE (now free)

18th January 2006[CodeOperator] releases PlugAdmin 1.3 for OS X

18th January 2006Zynewave releases Podium v1.47

18th January 2006Universumkiosk releases Tonework DanceFX Vol. 1

18th January 2006Voxengo updates CurveEQ to v2.5

18th January 2006convolver.sf.net releases Convolver v2.21

17th January 2006AudioRealism releases Bass Line Pro

17th January 2006Adobe releases Premiere Pro v2.0

17th January 2006Adobe releases Audition v2.0

17th January 2006DFX releases Freeverb AU (UB)

17th January 2006Celemony releases MelodyneBridge v3.0.1 AU Patch

17th January 2006Jeff Larson releases Mobius v1.1.9

17th January 2006Voxengo releases Elephant v2.5

17th January 2006FXpansion updates BFD to v1.5.0.34 (Win)

17th January 2006Audiofile Engineering updates Wave Editor to v1.1.5

17th January 2006Synthogy updates Ivory to v1.5.2 (Win)

17th January 2006b.serrano releases HADES v1.0

17th January 2006Angular Momentum updates Analog Warfare to v2.1

17th January 2006Native Instruments announces plans for Intel-Mac platform

16th January 2006AlgoMusic releases M51galaxy

16th January 2006Wusik releases Autodafe - Mega Bass Collection (Wusikstation)

16th January 2006Audio Damage releases Phase Two

16th January 2006Synapse Audio releases Orion Platinum v6.2

16th January 2006FL Studio v6.0.8 now available

16th January 2006Green Oak updates Crystal for Intel Macintoshes

16th January 2006Voxengo updates Sample Delay to v1.2

16th January 2006Wusikstation v2.2.2 released

16th January 2006Audio Ease updates Altiverb to v5.1.3

16th January 2006SAWStudio & Lite v3.9j (Basic v1.4j) released

16th January 2006Rocktave releases Delta SP v1.7.7

16th January 2006Music Studio Independence v1.20 released

16th January 2006convolver.sf.net releases Convolver v2.20

16th January 2006Moppel updates Miffi to v1.1

12th January 2006GTG releases DrumSampler I & II

12th January 2006WWAYM announces NWEQ Pro

12th January 2006VSTDev updates Absolute Piano B200 to v1.1

12th January 2006FXpansion releases BFD v1.5.0.33 (OSX)

12th January 2006Groove Monkee releases BFD Country Beats

11th January 2006Widisoft releases WIDI Audio To MIDI VST

11th January 2006VirSyn releases miniTERA

11th January 2006Elevayta releases Elevayta Extra Boy Pro

11th January 2006Progress Audio releases ShapeShifter v1.1

11th January 2006Apple releases iLife '06 (incl. GarageBand 3)

11th January 2006reKon audio updates VST Pulse Editor to v1.2

11th January 2006Rumpelrausch Taips updates AZR3 to v1.6

10th January 2006antti @ Smart Electronix releases Taurus beta 4 (with GUI)

10th January 2006Expert Sleepers releases Augustus Loop v1.6

9th January 2006URS releases Classic Console Compressors v1.0 (AU)

9th January 2006Yellow Tools releases Independence v1.0.3

9th January 2006CacoFX releases ChordME v1.1

9th January 2006CeloX releases megaCeloX v1.1

9th January 2006convolver.sf.net releases Convolver v2.1.8

9th January 2006Voxengo updates BMS to v1.1

9th January 2006VSTunnel v1.4 released

9th January 2006Starplugs updates SiX-2-2 to v1.0.1

9th January 2006Glaresoft releases iDrum v1.0.8

9th January 2006SynthEdit v1.008 beta now available

9th January 2006db-audioware releases Aura Pro v1.0.1

6th January 2006KVRwiki Launched

6th January 2006Moppel releases Miffi v1.0

6th January 2006Nethernet updates Mopis to v1.1

5th January 2006Vember Audio releases Surge v1.0.2

5th January 2006Waves releases Z-Noise

5th January 2006FASoft releases n-Track Studio v4.1.5

5th January 2006blocc releases hiPass v1.0

5th January 2006Glaresoft updates iDrum to v1.0.7

5th January 2006Image Line updates FL Studio to v6.0.5

5th January 2006VSTLord v0.3 now available

5th January 2006Voxengo updates Boogex (v1.3) and Audio Delay (v1.2)

5th January 2006Rumpelrausch Taips updates AZR3 to v1.4

5th January 2006SynthMaker v0.9.5h now available

5th January 2006SynthEdit v1.007 beta now available

5th January 2006ProXL updates ProbaGate to v1.0.1

4th January 2006Loopmasters release Soulful House Sessions and Combinations (KON/HAL/EXS)

4th January 2006Knufinke SIR v1.011 now available

4th January 2006Rocktave releases Delta SP v1.76

3rd January 2006Plugin Consultant v1.1 now available (incl. OS X release)

3rd January 2006Rekliner Records releases TremoLlama v0.7

3rd January 2006PSP plug-ins on Receptor Offer - Buy One Get One Free

3rd January 2006Glaresoft updates iDrum (v1.0.6) and pHATmatik PRO AU (v1.2.4)

3rd January 2006Nethernet Corp releases Mopis v1.0

3rd January 2006convolver.sf.net releases Convolver v2.1.7

3rd January 2006Teragon Audio releases Notepad v1.0

3rd January 2006Team Monalisa release Monalisa-Audio Unit v0.6

3rd January 2006DarkWare releases Glitch Jockey

3rd January 2006QuikQuak releases RaySpace v2.0

3rd January 2006Kjaerhus Audio releases Spectra v1.0

3rd January 2006Syntheway releases DAL Flute v2.0

3rd January 2006VSTDev releases Absolute Piano B200

3rd January 2006Psychic Modulation updates Cerebrum to v2.6

3rd January 2006JC Productionz releases Arch Avenger Pro v2.0

3rd January 2006Rumpelrausch Taips updates AZR3 to v1.3

3rd January 2006Audiofile Engineering releases Wave Editor v1.1.4

3rd January 2006sfZed v0.8.8 now available