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News Archive for May 2004

31st May 2004Tobybear MiniHost v1.0 beta 1 released

28th May 2004Zynewave Podium v1.0 released

28th May 2004Polac VST Loaders for Buzz v1.1.9b released

27th May 2004SynthFont v0.9.7.1 released

27th May 2004Synapse Orion Pro v5.5 released

27th May 2004AAS Lounge Lizard v2.0.1 released

27th May 2004IK SampleTank v2.0.6 released

27th May 2004discoDSP HighLife v1.3 released

27th May 2004AMG ONE/Solo & Kick-Ass Brass announced

27th May 2004FXpansion DR-008 v1.2.1 (unofficial) released

27th May 2004SpinAudio RoomVerb M2 v2.1 for OS X released

27th May 2004VSTrack v0.8.4.1 released

27th May 2004BuzComp Bundle v0.5 beta released

27th May 2004E-Phonic Retro Delay v1.0.3 released

26th May 2004Voxengo Soniformer v2.2 released

26th May 2004Dash Signature HQS Vol. 1 for EVE released

25th May 2004energyXT v1.2.5 released

25th May 2004SynthFont v0.9.7 beta released

25th May 2004MusicLab RealGuitar v1.0.1 released

25th May 2004brainspawn forte v1.4b released

25th May 2004BIAS SoundSoap Pro released

25th May 2004Prosoniq Rayverb, Morph & Magenta Windows demos released

25th May 2004Silverspike TapeIt v2.1.2 released

25th May 2004AAS Lounge Lizard EP-2 demo now available

24th May 2004g200kg KusoSynth v0.2 released

24th May 2004Wusik Famous Keys Vol. IV for EVE released

24th May 2004Granted Software AudioUnit Manager released

24th May 2004ConcreteFX Unison & Micron released

24th May 2004Voxengo SPAN v1.1 released

22nd May 2004nashNET VSTrack v0.8.4 alpha released

21st May 2004VSTiHost v3.0.2X released

21st May 2004FabFilter One v2.0.1 released

20th May 2004New Server!

20th May 2004Plogue Bidule v0. released

20th May 2004MHC Fatsondo, Voxynth & Space Synth updated

19th May 2004Rogue Amoeba Audio Hijack Pro 2 announced

19th May 2004Orion Platinum v5.5 released

19th May 2004NI/East West Kompakt v1.0.3 updates

19th May 2004AudioMulch v0.9 beta 16 released

19th May 2004Tobybear MiniHost v0.9h released

19th May 2004alphakanal Buzzer2 v.1.0.1 released

18th May 2004Apple GarageBand v1.1 released

18th May 2004PQN Audio VstSeq v0.9a released

18th May 2004MOTU DP v4.1.2 MAS and AU Support Bundle Update

18th May 2004ProSounds z3ta+ Max Collection announced

17th May 2004u-he Zebra v1.5 released

17th May 2004LinPlug daOrgan v2.1 (inc. AU) released

17th May 2004Tobybear MiniHost v0.9e released

17th May 2004SynthEdit v0.954.2 beta released

17th May 2004Axxeom Trionic & Lupah updated

16th May 2004expert sleepers Augustus Loop announced

16th May 2004SpeedSoft VSampler v3.1 beta 4 released

15th May 2004AAS Tassman 4 demo available

15th May 2004Sonicbytes ERA v1.1.2 released

14th May 2004Audio Ease Altiverb v4.0 released

14th May 2004Steinberg Cubase SL/SX & Nuendo v2.2 released

14th May 2004Wizoo Hyper Module demos available

14th May 2004LinPlug CronoX v2.1 (inc. AU) released

14th May 2004polyIblit v1.0.0.4 released

13th May 2004Voxengo EssEQ & Stereo Touch updated

13th May 2004Wave Arts updates

13th May 2004NI Absynth v2.0.5 released (OS X)

13th May 2004ConcreteFX Ensembler updated

12th May 2004New banks uploaded

12th May 2004Emagic Logic Pro v6.4.2 released

11th May 2004Tobybear MiniHost v0.9a and VSTSpy released

11th May 2004BitHeadz Unity v3.3.3 (Mac) released

10th May 2004MHC Space Synth/Effect & Flex FX updated

10th May 2004NI / Zero-G Intakt engine updated to v1.0.3

10th May 2004alphakanal Buzzer2 released

10th May 2004Voxengo GlissEQ v2.1 released

10th May 2004AA Speedster v1.0 released

9th May 2004FXpansion VST-AU Adapter v1.3.4 released

9th May 2004Xeet Street Comprimere released

8th May 2004LoftSoft FMHeaven v1.5 released

8th May 2004MusicLab RealGuitar DXi released

7th May 2004apulSoft apTrigga v1.1 released

7th May 2004Steinberg WaveLab 5 now shipping worldwide

7th May 2004Sonicbytes ERA v1.1.0.1 released

5th May 2004reFX Vanguard AU released

5th May 2004Speedster 1.0b2 released

5th May 2004askywhale Mp3play 2 beta 4 released

5th May 2004WNA Additive v1.3 and Miasma Reverb released

5th May 2004MadTracker v2.5 RC3 released

5th May 2004Prosoniq / Keys Rayverb LE released

5th May 2004discoDSP HighLife v1.2 released

5th May 2004Scuzzphut echographz released

4th May 2004PowerFX Miracle Beats & Miracle Free released

4th May 2004Voxengo CurveEQ v2.0 released

4th May 2004IJData BodiLizer v1.0.1 released

4th May 2004Axxeom beta updates

4th May 2004WNA Doppelmangler released

4th May 2004LUXONIX ravity released

3rd May 2004Voxengo Tube Amp v1.8 released

3rd May 2004Bremmers Audio Design MultitrackStudio v3.1 released

2nd May 2004Sonicbytes ERA v1.1 released

1st May 2004Tobybear MiniHost v0.7 alpha released

1st May 2004Big Tick Hexaline v2.0.2 released

1st May 2004New banks uploaded

1st May 2004Yellow Tools Majestic released

1st May 2004u-he Zebra v1.5 Preview (build 7) released

1st May 2004discoDSP HighLife v1.1 released