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ConcreteFX Unison & Micron released


ConcreteFX have released two new VSTi synths for Windows - Unison and Micron. Unison is a big 6 oscillator subtractive synth and Micron is a less CPU intensive version of Unison. Both are available for $70/60Euro/£40 and for an initial period will come free with ConcreteFx's Adder and Digital VSTis as well. Demo versions are available.

Features of Unison:

  • Three paired oscillators which can be added, mixed ring modulated, frequency modulated or synced together. These three paired oscillators can be combined in four different FM setups.
  • Each oscillator can either use five analogue modelled waves, sine with feedback (goes to saw and beyond), PWM square, saw to square, triangle to saw and noise. As well as these you can use user additive waves, 200 additive wave are included in the
    full version, and you can also create your own using the built in additive wave editor.
  • Each oscillator pair can be output to one of three filters, which can use 12/24 low/high/bp/br filters and ring mod / comb filter.
  • 6 ADSFR envelopes, 6 LFOs and 6 step sequences which can control all the major parameters. Also full MIDI learn and control of parameters using velocity, modulation and aftertouch.
  • Polyphonic / Mono / Mono Latched / Legato / Legato Latched and Arp play modes.
  • 3 Effect buses which can be combined in 4 different ways. The effects included are delay, chorus, ensembler, comb filter, phaser, reverb, distortion, autowah & cutter, plus global 2 band EQ, compressor and stereo widener.
  • Two different graphic interfaces, a software one and a hardware one designed by Berend Vervelde (Amoebe).
  • 448 presets, these include a bank of 64 presets from Tim Conrardy.

Features of Micron:

  • Three osc with five analogue modelled waves plus 64 additive waves. These oscillators can be arranged in 7 different ways using ring and frequency modulation.
  • 12/24 db filter with peak separation and key tracking.
  • Double 16 step trance gate which control the osc volume and filter frequency.
  • Stereo Delay / Chorus / Stereo Widener / Two band EQ.
  • Two different graphic interfaces, a hardware one and a software one designed by Berend Vervelde (Amoebe).
  • 128 presets , these include a bank of 64 presets from Tim Conrardy.


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