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News Archive for June 2004

30th June 2004ARPocalypse released

30th June 2004Kelly Industries Stereo Tools v1.0 released

29th June 2004BodiLizer v1.0.5 released

29th June 2004PQN Audio VstSeq v0.9b released

29th June 2004BuzComp bundle v0.7 beta released

28th June 2004Tobybear MiniHost, VSTSpy and UtilBag updated

28th June 2004Analog Box v2.3.2 released

27th June 2004Maxx Claster eJ beta demo available

27th June 2004Magnus @ Smart Electronix releases NyquistEq

27th June 2004TubeBaby v0.2 released

27th June 2004Sonicbytes EST Sampling-Groovebox v1.0 released

26th June 2004MOTU MachFive v1.2 released

26th June 2004SoundFont Synth v1.1.1 released

26th June 2004u-he Zebra VST beta available

26th June 2004LUXONIX Ravity v1.1 pre-release demo and discount

26th June 2004Clone Boy v1.0.7 released

25th June 2004Tobybear Minihost v1.0b4 released

24th June 2004LgM Thermal Pack v1.0 released

24th June 2004VstStudioMix v0.7 released

24th June 2004Big Tick Rhino v2.0 SP1 released

24th June 2004Adobe Audition v1.5 demo released

23rd June 2004Bad Cable v1.2 & Rider v1.0 released

23rd June 2004Cakewalk Sonitus:fx Suite released

23rd June 2004PSOFT VOID Modular System v1.5.1 released

22nd June 2004Steinberg HALion 3 now shipping worldwide

22nd June 2004Celemony Melodyne v2.5 released

22nd June 2004ndc Plugs Buffer Synth Alpha v1.2 released

22nd June 2004The 1st Annual GPO Orchestration Competition

21st June 2004Big Tick Rhino 2 pre-release

21st June 2004Voxengo Voxformer v1.1 released

21st June 2004e-LAB Obsession demo released

21st June 2004FMHeaven v1.5 demo versions released

21st June 2004Wusikstation announced

21st June 2004SonicBytes EST announced

20th June 2004Magnus @ Smart Electronix releases MjCompressor

20th June 2004Tracktion v1.5.1.16 released

18th June 2004energyXT v1.2.6 released

18th June 2004bismark bs-1 & bs-16 v2.0.2 released

18th June 2004Win Cameleon 5000 (Competition time)

18th June 2004Kjaerhus Audio Golden Compressor | GCO-1 released

17th June 2004SpinAudio RoomVerb M2 v2.1 (Win) released

16th June 2004Camel Audio Cameleon 5000 v1.3 released

16th June 2004ProSounds z3ta+ Max Collection released

16th June 2004Steinberg Cubase System|2 released

16th June 2004buzzroom BuzComp v0.6 released

15th June 2004MAGIX Music Studio 2005 Deluxe released

15th June 2004NI Guitar Rig released

15th June 2004NUSofting Drum Sampler announced (Plus competition)

15th June 2004Bioroid stops development and releases source

15th June 2004SoundFont Synth v1.1 released

15th June 2004NI/East West Kompakt v1.0.3 (Win) updates

14th June 2004Voxengo Elephant v2.0 released

14th June 2004VAZ Modular v3.0.3 released

13th June 2004FASoft n-Track v4.0 beta 1 released

13th June 2004Knufinke SIR v1.008 released

11th June 2004MultiFXVST v0.6.3 released

11th June 2004ConcreteFX Unison v1.2 released

11th June 2004impOSCar v1.0.1 released

11th June 2004Native Instruments Xpress Keyboards released

10th June 2004NI Kontakt v1.5.3 released

10th June 2004Quadropolis alpha version released

9th June 2004Granted Software Rax v1.0 released

9th June 2004Rob Papen / LinPlug Albino v2.0.2 released

9th June 2004USB UltraFocus now shipping

9th June 2004Chopitch v0.8.4 released

9th June 2004Kristal Audio Engine v1.0.1 released

8th June 2004Glaresoft iDrum released

8th June 2004Mutagene 2WarpDelay v0.7 released

8th June 2004Voxengo Warmifier v1.3 released

8th June 2004KusoSynth v0.5 released

7th June 2004CTAF MultiFXVST v0.6.1 released

7th June 2004SK Example Synth released

7th June 2004Expert Sleepers Augustus Loop released

7th June 2004ConcreteFX Woo updated

7th June 2004ndcPlugs Buffer Synth Alpha v1.1 released

7th June 2004Rob Papen FM7 soundset released

7th June 2004IJData BodiLizer v1.0.4 released

4th June 2004Yamaha Vocaloid v1.0.5 released

4th June 2004Steinberg Cubase & Nuendo v2.2.0.35 released

4th June 2004Ableton Live 4 announced

4th June 2004Smartelectronix SupaPhaser v3.0 OSX VST released

3rd June 2004SoundFont Synth v1.0 released

3rd June 2004rgc:audio sfz v1.9 released

2nd June 2004ndc Plugs Buffer Synth Alpha v1.0 released

1st June 2004NI Reaktor Session v1.1.2 released

1st June 2004AMG ONE/Solo released

1st June 2004KusoSynth v0.4 released

1st June 2004PSOFT VOID Modular v1.5 released

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