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News Archive for June 2005

30th June 2005Oddity now available on Receptor

29th June 2005Starplugs Vocoder v1.0 released

29th June 2005Metro v6.3.1.1 pre-release now available

28th June 2005WizooVerb W2 demo now available

28th June 2005Princeton Digital Amends and Extends Group Buy for Stereo Room 2016

28th June 2005Voxengo releases Boogex Guitar Amp

28th June 2005Native Instruments launches User Library for Pro-53

28th June 2005Shortcircuit v1.1 released

28th June 2005Kjaerhus Audio updates Golden Modulator | GMO-1 to v1.2

28th June 2005Altiverb v5.0.6 released

28th June 2005Quad Zamp v1.0 released

28th June 2005Precisionsound releases Ethereal (Kontakt/HALion)

28th June 2005Absynth 3 Tutorial DVD now available

28th June 2005reViSiT v0.87 Alpha released

27th June 2005KlangLabs releases OverDubber v1.5

27th June 2005b.serrano releases Cosmos XT v1.0

27th June 2005dmi @ Smart Electronix releases VST -> Winamp Bridge

27th June 2005delaydots updates Phat Pro (+announces Spectral Suite AU)

27th June 2005BuzComp demo v1.0 rev 3 now available

27th June 2005Reaktor 5 demo version now available

27th June 2005Databurn releases bass-a-matic v1.1

27th June 2005URS MIX EQ (AU/VST) released

27th June 2005Voxengo releases HarmoniEQ v1.3 and LF-Punch v1.1

27th June 2005Dash Signature releases EVE ONE v1.1

27th June 2005Plogue Bidule v0.85 released

27th June 2005Voxengo updates Analogflux Suite to v1.4 (+25% Discount Offer)

27th June 2005Cortex Guitar Amp v0.10 released

23rd June 2005Receptor v1.3 BETA now available

23rd June 2005plasq releases Wormhole2

23rd June 2005WWAYM releases nWRCFil for OS X

23rd June 2005Jack OS X v0.7 released

23rd June 2005Acon releases Studio Necessities v2.0

23rd June 2005Meet the Developer: Peter Linsener from LinPlug

23rd June 2005SynthEdit v1.0 released

23rd June 2005Kong Audio releases Mini DiZi (Chinese Flute)

23rd June 2005Bela D Media releases The Giovani Edition for Kontakt (Children's Choir)

22nd June 2005FXpansion releases GURU Sampling Beat Box v1.0

22nd June 2005JS-Synthese releases JS-Endorphin v2.5

22nd June 2005Scamme releases SplitGate v1.2

22nd June 2005ChineeWinds v1.5.5 released

22nd June 2005Golden Audio Channel - GAC-1 updated to v1.0.2

22nd June 2005LazySnake updated to v1.0.1

21st June 2005Audio Industry Interviews

21st June 2005NI releases Absynth v3.0.2

21st June 2005Synful Orchestra v2.1.2 beta for OS X now available

21st June 2005Interview with Peter Linsener (LinPlug)

21st June 2005BuzComp v1.0 (Rev2) demo now available

21st June 2005Wave Arts launches $99 sale

21st June 2005Voxengo Lampthruster v2.2 released

21st June 2005Ohm Force updates Symptohm:Melohman and Symptohm PE (AU)

21st June 2005discoDSP Discovery v2.4 demo released

20th June 2005ConcreteFX releases Vectrik - Vector Sample Synth

20th June 2005PSP MasterQ v1.2.1.1 for OS X released (incl. AU/RTAS)

20th June 2005Ableton Live 5 public beta (for registered owners)

20th June 2005FX Teleport, Giga Teleport and Giga VST Adapter updated

20th June 2005Cakewalk releases Project5 v2.0.1

20th June 2005SAWStudio v3.9f and SAWStudioBasic v1.4f now available

20th June 2005AudioMulch 0.9b20 released

20th June 2005Synthogy updates Ivory to v1.0.5 (AU)

20th June 2005KlangLabs updates Glitch

20th June 2005IxoxDelay v1.2 released

17th June 2005Kong Audio releases ChineeWinds (Dizi)

17th June 2005Simple-Media releases Silkworm v1.0

17th June 2005Metro v6.3.1 pre-release now available

17th June 2005Obertone Audio releases PhysiX v1.0

17th June 2005KlangLabs releases Glitch v1.0

17th June 2005Blue Cat's Liny EQ v1.2 released

17th June 2005Voxengo updates SPAN (v1.4) and MSED (v1.1)

16th June 2005PC Publishing releases Making Music with Logic Pro by Stephen Bennett

16th June 2005Wahwactor v0.1 Voice-Controlled Wah-Wah released

16th June 2005Digital Synth 2 for Rhino released

16th June 2005Volko Baglama updated to v1.0.1

15th June 2005Ueberschall releases Liquid Saxophone v1.0

15th June 2005Metric Halo launches ChannelStrip special offer (40% off)

15th June 2005Dash Signature announces SWOOSH Machine (+releases EVE updates)

15th June 2005URS releases Everything EQ Bundle v4.0

15th June 2005ArtsAcoustic Reverb updated to v1.0.1.4

15th June 2005Steinberg Offers New Upgrade Programs

15th June 2005MAGIX releases Samplitude and Sequoia v8.2

15th June 2005Yamaha releases Vocaloid v1.1

15th June 2005EWQL Symphonic Choirs now shipping

15th June 2005Synful Orchestra for Mac OS X released

15th June 2005polyIblit v1.1 released

14th June 2005VSTHost v1.29 released

13th June 2005GWS RanPan v2.5 released

13th June 2005Audio Damage releases Discord v1.5 AudioUnit

13th June 2005WWAYM updates Mac OS X version of NWEQ to v1.2.2

13th June 2005Blue Cat updates Parametr'EQ pack to v1.1

13th June 2005discoDSP announces Discovery v2.4 (+Pre-Order Promotion)

13th June 2005Progress Audio updates Soup to v1.6

13th June 2005Maxx Claster updates Toxic to v2.1

13th June 2005MadTracker v2.5.0 RC6 released

13th June 2005Augustus Loop, Ping Pong Delay and Multitap Delay updated

11th June 2005Les Productions Zvon releases Julie M42

11th June 2005digitalmusician.net Mac beta testing (+pricing announced)

11th June 2005SynthEdit beta v0.997 released

11th June 2005Voxengo updates Elephant to v2.4

10th June 2005Hardmoon releases Kneebee v1.0

10th June 2005Fretted Synth Audio releases Free Amp SE

10th June 2005e-LAB updates Foundation and Obsession to v1.5 (OSX)

10th June 2005otiumFX updates BassLane to v1.2

10th June 2005NI releases Reaktor 5

10th June 2005Steinberg updates WaveLab to v5.0.1b (build 240)

9th June 2005Steinberg ships Virtual Bassist

9th June 2005Christian Budde updates VST Plugin Analyser

9th June 2005Wusikstation v2.0 announced (+beta testing & pre-order)

9th June 2005PSP updates Nitro, PSP 42 & PSP 84 (OSX only)

9th June 2005LinPlug releases CronoX 3 demo version

9th June 2005Voxengo releases Transmodder v1.2

8th June 2005Les Production Zvon releases IYTTIW Trumpet samples

8th June 2005Princeton Digital launches Stereo Room Group Buy

8th June 2005Realsamples releases four new Piano & Guitar sample libraries

8th June 2005Reactor releases Free Sample Collection

8th June 2005Precisionsound releases Koestler Rigoletto organ sampleset

7th June 2005BIAS updates SoundSoap Pro to v1.1

7th June 2005LUG launches Drumagog Group Buy

7th June 2005Xhip Synth beta 6 released

6th June 2005SonicBirth Preview Version 6 now available

6th June 2005mdsp @ Smartelectronix announces LiveCut

6th June 2005Fergusson Acoustics releases Simple Compressor v1.0

6th June 2005Tweakbench releases Dropout v1.0

6th June 2005Hardmoon releases Wizo v1.0

3rd June 2005Rocktave updates Delta SP to v1.6.9

2nd June 2005Metric Halo ChannelStrip offer (40% off)

2nd June 2005Arturia releases CS-80V v1.5

2nd June 2005Rick Jelliffe releases Neumixturtrautonium

2nd June 2005xoxos releases Pling and Surface

2nd June 2005FabFilter Volcano v1.0.1 now available

2nd June 2005Drumagog v4.0.2 released

2nd June 2005Audio Hijack Pro v2.5.1 released

1st June 2005reViSiT v0.86.5 Alpha released

1st June 2005Ableton announces Live 5

1st June 2005T3 Volume 2-TSW for Wusikstation released

1st June 2005Audio Ease updates Nautilus Bundle to v2.1

1st June 2005BIAS updates Peak to v4.1.4

1st June 2005Ableton Live updated to v4.1.4

1st June 2005SAWStudio v3.9e and SAWStudioBasic v1.4e now available

1st June 2005Bismark updates bs-1 and bs-16 to v2.0.3

1st June 2005CS-80R updated to v1.3

1st June 2005Galleoneer releases Phrasemaster Mk1