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News Archive for September 2003

30th September 2003FL Studio ReWire host/client beta released

30th September 20034Front Piano, Bass & E-Piano for OS X released

30th September 2003Bioroid Turntablist Pro updated to v1.0.3

28th September 2003ConcreteFX Dicer updated to v1.3

28th September 2003AU303 v1.0 released

28th September 2003Garritan Personal Orchestra announced

28th September 2003PMI Grandioso Bösendorfer 290 announced

27th September 2003FXpansion BFD - Premium Acoustic Drum Module released

26th September 2003M-Tron Tape Banks Vol. 3, TOFE & impOSCar news

25th September 2003PowerFX SoundShuttle updated to v1.0.1

24th September 2003NI Absynth 2 AU released

23rd September 2003The Great K-v-R Members Survey 2003

22nd September 2003New patches/kits for Battery, Crystal and Reaktor

22nd September 2003NI Reaktor updated to v4.0.4 (Mac only)

20th September 2003ConcreteFX Dicer updated to v1.2

20th September 2003Synth1 updated to v1.0.6

19th September 2003All DashSignature plugins updated

19th September 2003Bioroid Turntablist Pro v1.0.2 beta released

18th September 2003Skale Tracker v0.76w released

18th September 2003NUSofting Micromono enters public beta testing

18th September 2003Steinberg D'cota updated to v1.0.1

17th September 2003DashSignature EMM Knagalis updated to v1.1.2

17th September 2003NI Reaktor Session updated to v1.0.4

17th September 2003NI Kompakt updated to v1.0.1

17th September 2003Ohm Force Quad Frohmage Melohman details

17th September 2003VSamp updated to v3.4.1

16th September 2003DirectiXer v2.5 released

14th September 2003PowerFX releases SoundShuttle

13th September 2003ConcreteFx Dicer updated to v1.1

13th September 2003Synapse Orion Platinum v4.1 released

12th September 2003Raw Material Tracktion beta for OS X released

11th September 2003Music Tech Magazine giveaway Winner!

11th September 2003XS Delta SP updated to v1.5

10th September 2003New banks for Lounge Lizard, Tera and Ticky Clav

10th September 2003New banks for dmiHammer, Ethereal and Exciton

10th September 2003New banks for daAlfa2k, daHornet and dmiFlute

10th September 2003New banks for CM-505, Crystal and Cube

10th September 2003New banks for Ambience, Angelina and Battery

10th September 2003DASHSignature EVE enters public beta

9th September 2003VirSyn microTERA free with Keys magazine (Germany)

8th September 2003Steinberg The Grand v1.05 (Mac) released

8th September 2003Native Instruments Reaktor 4 demo version released

8th September 2003Native Instruments FM7 for OS X released

8th September 2003discoDSP Discovery 2.0 released

8th September 2003VSamp v3.4 released

8th September 2003alphakanal BuzZer updated to v0.1.4

7th September 2003ConcreteFX Dicer released

7th September 2003Cakewalk Sonar 3 announced

7th September 2003Steinberg Cubase SX 2 now shipping

7th September 2003discoDSP Discovery v2.0 enters public beta

5th September 2003rgc:audio sfz public beta released

5th September 20034Front Rhode Pro v1.0 released

4th September 2003crusherX-Live VST released

4th September 2003East West Symphonic Orchestra Library Released

4th September 2003MOTU Digital Performer v4.1 released

4th September 2003Steinberg VSTGUI goes open source

3rd September 2003Steinberg The Grand updated to v1.05

1st September 2003FXpansion VST-AU Adapter v1.20 beta released

1st September 2003Emagic Logic Platinum updated to v6.2.1