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News Archive for October 2008

31st October 2008Kong Audio updates All Plug-ins

31st October 2008HV Synth Design updates LowBrassCollection and announces TotalBrassCollection

31st October 2008Bremmers Audio Design releases MultitrackStudio v5.1

31st October 2008MUTOOLS updates MU.LAB to v2.03

31st October 2008G-Sonique releases Dubmaster - Liquid Delay

31st October 2008Sanford Sound Design releases Sanford Bass Tightener v2.0

31st October 2008AZ Audio updates Super Midi Scripter to v0.822

31st October 2008WOK releases StringChorus

31st October 2008Acoustica updates Mixcraft to v4.2 b104

31st October 2008Homegrown Sounds releases Astralis Bionic

31st October 2008Homegrown Piano expanded with a Second Piano plus a Rhodes Piano

30th October 2008Blue Cat Audio updates Freeware Pack for Mac OS X to Beta 2

30th October 2008LinPlug updates SaxLab to v2.0.2 and offers Special Pricing for November

30th October 2008Screaming Bee releases MorphVOX Effects Rack v4.1

30th October 2008Nomad Factory updates most plug-ins

30th October 2008Cakewalk updates SONAR to v8.0.1 and Beatscape to v1.0.1

30th October 2008Sugar Bytes announces Consequence - The Chord Synquencer

29th October 2008Koblo releases Vibra3000

29th October 2008Vital Arts announces Plectrum v2.0 (Now Kontakt Player-based)

29th October 2008PSPaudioware updates PSP StereoPack to v1.9 (incl. Universal Binary)

29th October 2008Native Instruments launches special Kontakt 3 crossgrade for GigaStudio owners

29th October 2008MakeMusic releases Finale 2009a

29th October 2008Sonnox updates Oxford Inflator for VST Windows to v1.6.3

29th October 2008NUSofting releases free "Micro Live Pack" for Ableton Live

29th October 2008EZ-Sound releases Bass-Pro

29th October 2008WaveMachine Labs expands Drumagog Basic and reduces price to $99 until 2009

29th October 2008HairerSoft updates Amadeus Pro to v1.3.3

29th October 2008VSamp updated to v3.7.2a

29th October 2008Jucetice updates Jost to v0.5.0

29th October 2008Loopmasters releases Nick Thayer – Breaks Producer [ACID|AL|REX|...]

28th October 2008VertexDSP updates vxPlug to v1.1.1

28th October 2008Homegrown Sounds updates most Astralis synths and Homegrown Piano

28th October 2008DSK Music releases ElectriK GuitarZ v1.0

28th October 2008PG Music updates RealBand 2008.5 to Build 4

28th October 2008MUTOOLS updates MU.LAB to v2.02

27th October 2008Best Service releases Chris Hein - Horns Vol.2 Sections

27th October 2008LinPlug updates RMV for Windows to v5.0.1

27th October 2008Back In Time Records releases New and Updated Products (Ethnotronics II, UX3, Evalon II, vox'd Pro)

27th October 2008DUY releases DUY31 plug-in bundle (includes DUY31|graphic, DUY31|analyzer & DUY31|noiser)

27th October 2008Ueberschall releases Electro Producer Pack

27th October 2008Ardour updated to v2.6.1

27th October 2008DDMF releases LP10 v3.0

27th October 2008URS updates Saturation to v2.01

27th October 2008FASoft updates n-Track Studio to v6.0.1

25th October 2008Audacity v1.3.6 Beta released

25th October 2008Togu Audio Line updates TAL-U-No-62 and TAL-Bassline (AU versions only)

25th October 2008Sanford Sound Design releases Sanford Bass Tightener

24th October 2008M-Audio and GForce launch M-Tron Pro

24th October 2008Puremagnetik releases Digital Beatboxes for Live, Kontakt and Logic

24th October 2008Expert Sleepers release Augustus Loop v2 (+skinning competition extended)

24th October 2008GSi releases WatKat AU UB for Mac

24th October 2008Ardour v2.6 released

24th October 2008Nine Volt Audio releases TAIKO: Multi Sample High Impact Drum Library for Kontakt

24th October 2008NUSofting updates daHornet (incl. Universal Binary)

24th October 2008Native Instruments releases Massive Expansion Vol. 2

24th October 2008One Small Clue updates Poise Percussion Sampler to v1.0.6

24th October 2008zplane announces vielklang 1.5

24th October 2008Intermorphic updates Noatikl to v1.5.0.14

23rd October 2008Pettinhouse announces HumbuckerGuitar for Kontakt

23rd October 2008SynthTronic releases ST Chorus

23rd October 2008BBE Sound D82 Sonic Maximizer updated to v2.1r1

23rd October 2008Future Audio Workshop updates Circle to v1.0.5

23rd October 2008Spectrasonics updates Omnisphere Software 1.0.2d

23rd October 2008Nomad Factory updates Analog Mastering Tools and Retrology : Motown Equalizers to v1.1r1

23rd October 2008Nucleus SoundLab releases Sapphire for Rob Papen's BLUE

23rd October 2008Homegrown Sounds releases Homegrown Piano

23rd October 2008Imperfect Samples releases Braunschweig Upright Piano Library for EXS24 and Kontakt

23rd October 2008Orange Tree Samples releases CoreGuitar: Strawberry for Kontakt

23rd October 2008Time+Space launches Equipped Music Buy 1 Get 1 Free offer

23rd October 2008Antares updates Auto-Tune Evo to v6.0.7

23rd October 2008Softube updates Metal Amp Room for Mac to v1.1.1

22nd October 2008Impact Soundworks releases Sitar Nation: Classical Instruments of India for Kontakt

22nd October 2008GSi releases VB3 v1.2.2 (incl. Mac VST/AU); TimeVerb for Mac; and WatKat - a tribute to Charlie Watkins

22nd October 2008Nomad Factory announces the British Bundle

22nd October 2008NuGen Audio updates Monofilter for Mac to v3.2.6

22nd October 2008ChocolateAudio releases OldFunk Drum Kit [KON|EXS|...]

22nd October 2008Schaack Audio Technologies updates Quad to v2.10

22nd October 2008eSession.com releases Virtual Glass v1.2.1

22nd October 2008Bolder Sounds releases B.O.B. Early Music Instruments and Medieval Psaltery [KON|EXS|WAV]

22nd October 2008Morfiki releases Redu(p)cer

22nd October 2008Odo Synths releases Odd Odo Delay 2

22nd October 2008Audiofile Engineering updates Wave Editor v1.4.3

22nd October 2008Softube updates Metal Amp Room to v1.1

21st October 2008MeldaProduction releases MPhaser and MRingModulator and updates MDrummer to v2.03 and MCompressor to v1.05 beta

21st October 2008DSK Music releases DSK BlueZ

21st October 2008Blue Cat Audio announces Mac plugins availability for Q4 2008 and releases Freeware Pack Public Beta for Mac

21st October 2008MUTOOLS releases MU.LAB v2.0.1

21st October 2008Nucleus SoundLab updates Viral Outbreak to v1.4

21st October 2008Ultimate Sound Bank releases USB Producer Pack

21st October 2008Cockos updates REAPER to v2.53

21st October 2008Admiral Quality posts sneak peek of Analog Delay Tool

21st October 2008Big Fish Audio releases Retro Cool and Acid Jazz City 2 [REX|ACID|AL|...]

21st October 2008Koblo releases Vibra2000 and updates Centaurus to v1.0 r5 (incl. RTAS release)

21st October 2008Homegrown Sounds releases Astralis Baby Bion

21st October 2008discoDSP releases Daniel Stawczyk Discovery Pro Sounds

21st October 2008New releases from Loopmasters [KON|HAL|...]

21st October 2008Prime Loops launches with 20 new Sample Libraries

21st October 2008Serato and Ableton announce creative partnership

21st October 2008Tekky Synths releases SlIsTErYx v1.3.2

21st October 2008Semerika releases Stereo Jackie

21st October 2008Sonicprojects releases OP-X Free and OP-X Player

21st October 2008Lowcoders releases KingDubby AU v1.5.2

21st October 2008ManyTone Music launches Birthday/Halloween sale: 44% off the regular price of any product until Oct 31st

21st October 2008b.serrano updates Adonis Pro to v1.6

16th October 2008IK Multimedia announces T-RackS 3

16th October 2008Galbanum releases Abstraction 03: Found Sound Club Edition [ACID|AL|REX]

16th October 2008TrackTeam Audio releases Base Class 01 for Ableton Live's Operator

16th October 2008Nomad Factory updates All Plug-ins

16th October 2008saltline releases San (beta)

15th October 2008Ueberschall releases Minimal Electro Vibes

15th October 2008Audiofile Engineering Lowers Prices and announces StudioLife Bundle

15th October 2008Image Line releases Hardcore Stomp Box FX

15th October 2008Odo Synths releases Double Six v2.0

15th October 2008Sony Creative Software announces ACID Pro 7

15th October 2008MeldaProduction releases MLimiter and updates MCompressor (v1.0.4) and MEqualizer (v1.0.1)

15th October 2008Erik Wollo releases Wollo Voyager

15th October 2008MARVIN releases Tromine Z v0.2

15th October 2008MusicWorks Interactive releases Finale DVD Tutorial

15th October 2008Beta Monkey Music releases Drum Werks XIII: Funk, Funk-Rock, R&B, and Soul Collection [ACID|AL]

14th October 2008GSi releases MrRay73 Mk II, Electric Grand EG70, Spring Reverb Type4 and ZD6 for Mac (+ZD6 v1.1 and Type 4 v1.0.1 updates for Windows)

14th October 2008Ohm Force Group Buy launched at ProTooler Blog

14th October 2008Digital Sound Factory releases Ensoniq ASR, EPS, and TS sound libraries for Proteus VX/X and Emulator X

14th October 2008Nassen Software Development releases RaX'n'TraX

14th October 2008NTS Audio releases Minimaler and Universal Danceable Loop Generator; demo versions of Afro Latino, The Bongist and Brazileiro; Rev-1 Pro FREE for limited time

14th October 2008Crysonic releases newB V2 for Windows (announces Mac version)

14th October 2008KResearch updates KR-Space to v1.5.1

14th October 2008Expert Sleepers releases Augustus Loop v2.0 beta for Windows

14th October 2008Acoustica updates Mixcraft to v4.2 b102

14th October 2008FabFilter updates Pro-C to v1.11 (incl. VST3 release) and Volcano to v2.02

13th October 2008Homegrown Sounds updates Astralis Orgone to v1.04

13th October 2008ExperimentalScene releases DarkWave Studio v2.0

13th October 2008MeldaProduction releases MEqualizer v1.0 and updates MCompressor to v1.03

13th October 2008AuraPlug releases AmpFire v1.1

13th October 2008AZ Audio updates Ultra trigger FX

13th October 2008Sonic Studio updates soundBlade to v1.3

13th October 2008AQUEST updates Vocalizer to v1.01

13th October 2008Cockos updates REAPER to v2.52

13th October 2008g200kg updates Vocovee to v1.05

10th October 2008Sonalksis releases the Sonalksis Mastering Suite

10th October 2008Virtuasonic releases Choir Breath for Kontakt

10th October 2008Inspiration Sounds announces new Download Site: ProducerLoops.com

10th October 2008EZ-Sound releases Arp-Edge v1.0

10th October 2008MUTOOLS releases MU.LAB 2.0 PreRelease F

10th October 2008NUSofting releases Gaming Atmosphere LivePack for Ableton Live

10th October 2008G-Sonique releases XMagic Textures II [WAV]

10th October 2008Steinberg updates Cubase Essential to v4.5.2

10th October 2008Expert Sleepers releases Augustus Loop v2.0 Public Beta for Mac (+ launches Skinning Competition)

9th October 2008AQUEST releases Vocalizer v1.0

9th October 20082DGAMESNL releases 2D_Drum3264 Drumcomputer

9th October 2008d16 group releases Decimort Bit Crusher

9th October 2008Homegrown Sounds releases Astralis FX

9th October 2008SoundFonts.it releases Tape Echo GS-201 for Mac (+v1.1.3 for Win) and announces Mac versions of other Plug-ins

9th October 2008MeldaProduction updates MCompressor to v1.0.1

9th October 2008HV Synth Design updates Trumpet Collection

9th October 2008VirSyn updates Cube 2, Matrix and Tera 3 and announces 25% Discount Offer on FX series

9th October 2008Time+Space launches Vienna Special Edition Giveaway

9th October 2008macProVideo releases Native Instruments Kore Tutorials

9th October 2008Zero-G releases Vocal Foundry [KON|HAL|EXS|...]

9th October 2008Arturia releases Origin

9th October 2008Focusrite announces Saffire PRO 40 (multi-channel firewire audio interface)

8th October 2008Sensomusic releases Usine v4.0 beta

8th October 2008Impromptu updated to v1.3 (now includes several Audio Units)

8th October 2008PG Music updates Band-in-a-Box 2008.5 to Build 264

8th October 2008MeldaProduction updates MDrummer to v2.02

8th October 2008MUTOOLS releases MU.LAB 2.0 PreRelease E

8th October 2008NuGen Audio updates Stereoizer to v2.7.1 and Stereoplacer to v2.4.1

8th October 2008Scuzzphut VST Plugins updates Phatbeatz to v1.2

8th October 2008QuikQuak updates Fusion Field to v2.0.1

8th October 2008SynthFont updated to v1.123

8th October 2008Iced Audio updates AudioFinder to v4.8.1

7th October 2008Wusikstation updated to v5.6.2

7th October 2008Audiofile Engineering updates Wave Editor to v1.4.1

6th October 2008Sanford Sound Design releases Sanford Auto Filter

6th October 2008easytoolz releases easy-mr.stringer v1.0

6th October 200817hex releases Arachnid v1.0

6th October 2008HyperSynth updates HyperSID to v1.1 (and HW unit OS to v1.1)

6th October 2008MeldaProduction releases MCompressor v1.0

6th October 2008Cakewalk announces SONAR V-Studio 700

6th October 2008BTE Audio releases AEQ4 American Console Equalizer Algorithm for Software Developers

6th October 2008ExperimentalScene updates AntiAlias, DGenR8 and SpatialVerb to v2.5 and DarkWave Studio to v1.7 (No longer free)

6th October 2008reFX updates Vanguard to v1.8 and releases Synthation's Vanguard Essentials

6th October 2008Prosoniq and GenAudio Team up to Deliver Next Generation 4D Audio Technology

6th October 2008AQUEST updates AquesTone to v0.7.5.2

6th October 2008Voxengo updates Elephant to v3.1

6th October 2008SynthFont updated to v1.122

4th October 2008iZotope announces Ozone 4

4th October 2008Homegrown Sounds updates WAV Recorder to 1.01

4th October 2008Cakewalk announces SONAR Home Studio 7 and SONAR Home Studio 7 XL

3rd October 2008FXpansion updates BFD to v2.0.5.10

3rd October 2008Audiofile Engineering updates Wave Editor to v1.4 (incl. VST support)

3rd October 2008jVSTwRapper updated to v0.9g (incl. AU support)

3rd October 2008WWAYM updates NWEQDJ to v1.2

2nd October 2008Christian Budde releases Advanced Clipper

2nd October 2008Rob Papen updates Blue to v1.8.1, Predator to v1.5.1 and RG to v1.0.1.

2nd October 2008Native Instruments releases Reaktor Animated Circuits (Kore Soundpack)

2nd October 2008IK Multimedia releases new line of StompIO Accessories and launches Expand Your Rig! Promotion

2nd October 2008Waves releases Waves Silver Bundle

2nd October 2008Cycling '74 updates Max/MSP to v5.0.5

2nd October 2008MOTU updates MX4 to v2.2

2nd October 2008Steinberg releases Funky and Elektro Content Sets for Sequel / Cubase

2nd October 2008ModernBeats releases Tribal Xplosion Loops [ACID]

1st October 2008One Small Clue updates Poise to v1.0.2

1st October 2008URS releases URS Saturation v2.0

1st October 2008Spectrasonics updates Omnisphere to v1.0.1e

1st October 2008Image Line updates Morphine to v1.4.2, PoiZone to v2.2.5 and Toxic Biohazard to v1.0.2

1st October 2008Flux releases Alchemist Multi-band Dynamic Processor; updates Solera and Pure Series to v2.0

1st October 2008Realsamples releases the Beurmann Bundle [HAL|KON|EXS|GIG]

1st October 2008Bluezone releases Trance Core, Overload and Biosphere [WAV]

1st October 2008Samplebase releases Bionic Beats and Asian Beat Companion SoundBlocks for Satellite (+updates free Ignition SoundBlock)

1st October 2008Kong Audio releases ChineeKong V2+

1st October 2008ASK Video releases Logic Pro 8 Level 2 DVD