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News Archive for December 2003

24th December 2003Seasonal Special Offers

22nd December 2003Cakewalk Launches Project5.com

22nd December 2003NDC Particle Fountain released

22nd December 2003Kiesel Software Helga released

21st December 2003MHC Studio Setup VST OS X released

21st December 2003Groovecube Exciton v2.0 released

21st December 2003Camel Audio Cameleon 5000 v1.0.4 released

21st December 2003MAGIX Samplitude & Sequoia v7.2.1 released

21st December 2003alphakanal BuzZer v0.3 released

21st December 2003PowerFX releases OS X VST version of SoundShuttle

18th December 2003Native Instruments Kompakt v1.0.2 (OS X) released

18th December 2003Ohm Force Symptohm:Melohman released

16th December 2003FXpansion DR-008 v1.1.9 released

16th December 2003Emagic Logic Platinum v6.3.3 released (OS X)

16th December 2003Audio Ease VST Wrapper 4 released

16th December 2003Tobybear updates

16th December 2003FX Freeze v1.0.1 released

16th December 2003TenCrazy.com bmp2cam v0.6 released

16th December 2003GMedia impOSCar shipping

15th December 2003White Noise Additive demo released

15th December 2003Synapse Orion Platinum v5.1 released

15th December 2003Toontrack dfh Superior announced

15th December 2003Brainspawn forte updated to v1.3b

14th December 2003FXpansion VST-RTAS Adapter released

14th December 2003ConcreteFX Adder released

14th December 2003Plogue Bidule v0. released

14th December 2003Kiesel Software Helga demo released

14th December 2003Shin'en Audio SHN-1 demo released

14th December 2003Native Instruments Battery updated to v1.3.1 (OS X)

11th December 2003BitHeadz Unity v3.3 released (Inc. Windows version)

11th December 2003FXpansion BFD v1.0.7.2 released

11th December 2003discoDSP Vertigo 2 public beta released

10th December 2003Win Cameleon 5000 Additive Morphing Resynthesizer!

10th December 2003Native Instruments Pro-53 for OS X released

10th December 2003MAGIX Samplitude & Sequoia v7.2 released

9th December 2003xTal v0.0.3 released

8th December 2003Native Instruments Absynth updated to v2.0.4

8th December 2003Shin'en Audio SHN-1 released

8th December 2003Sonic Charge MicroTonic released

8th December 2003rgc:audio z3ta+ v1.3 released

8th December 2003DashSignature A0S for EVE released

5th December 2003Cakewalk Sonar v3.0 demo released

5th December 2003Spectrasonics OS X plugins updated

5th December 2003SpeedSoft VSampler updated to v3.0.4

3rd December 2003Band In A Box 2004 released

2nd December 2003Swar Systems Volume 2 North released

2nd December 2003SAWStudio updated to v3.4e

2nd December 2003u-he Zebra v1.0 released

2nd December 2003BitHeadz Unity updated to v3.2.2

2nd December 2003brainspawn forte updated to v1.3a

1st December 2003Chip32 v0.0.9 released

1st December 2003Tobybear Helios v2.2 released