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Acoustica updates Mixcraft to v8.1 Build 407


Acoustica has updated Mixcraft to v8.1 Build 407.


  • Fixed VST3 issue related to Helix Native.
  • Optimized loading MIDI files with lots of markers > 500.
  • new language files.
  • added an undo freezer for cut and delete.
  • fix for bug where quantizing start and end results in super small note. bug 9982.
  • Updated build of SideKick6 (Pro Studio only).
  • Fixed crossfade bugs for 9965.
  • Bug 9966 - Shift drag automation doesn't work for volume until you add pivot point.
  • Bug 9983 - If you edit imported loops in simple mode, you end up editing the wrong field.
  • fixed rounding error when displaying marker time.
  • right clicking on track header now keeping clip area focused.
  • Bug #9986, fix for Melodyne data not saving into backup files (because file object was not being closed correctly prior to file copy).
  • Title bar now updates after entering extension - bug 9973.
  • no longer moves marker if just clicking on it without dragging. important due to zoom level. bug 9955.
  • fixed focus issue. for bug 9967.
  • bulletproof for situation where it would crash trying to draw a null text pointer.
  • Fix for bug 9985 - clips did not appear to obey tempo map.


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