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Agitated State updates MenuMagic to v1.8.8.2

Agitated State

Agitated State has announced the release of version of MenuMagic, the plug-in management tool specially designed to work with Cakewalk's Sonar DAW that enables the user to organize their audio plug-ins (VST, VSTi, DX, DXi, 32-bit, 64-bit).

This update of the MenMagic v2 beta contains significant new features and bug fixes. It is a recommended update for all v2 beta users.

Some of the New Features & Enhancements

Plug-in32-bit / 64-bit verification:

  • MenuMagic now detects errors is Sonar's Plug-in database (not MenuMagic's database) where some plug-ins are mis-identified as being the wrong bit type (i.e. 32-bit identified as 64-bit and vice versa). When MenuMagic is run - it catches these errors and now offers to painlessly correct them for you. There is no downside to fixing the problem, but still it's your choice.
  • Note: This kind of problem occurs when plug-in is changed AFTER the initial time it was scanned. For example you accidentally install a 32-bit plug-in in your 64-bit plug-in folder and catch the problem AFTER you have run Cakewalk's VST Plug-in Scanner. Cakewalk's Scanner will NOT update the plug-in type information unless you check the 'Rescan Existing Plug-ins" option - which can be a major pain.

Categorization tab changes:

  • Category dropdown list now resizes (expands horizontally) to fit your menu name content.
  • List can show up to 50 items before it wraps, Windows itself will wrap the list if it's too long for your monitor.

Name Fixes / Menu Creation tab changes:

  • Under the "Suffixes & UnCategorized Plug-in Handling" added '32' bit suffix (previously only had "64") and a new option to display suffix as either "32" or "(32-bit)"/ "64" or "(64-bit)".

Plugin-Info Grids changes:

  • New "Vendor Name" column.
  • Fixed bug with the grid inconsistently showing new plug-ins coloration.

GUI optimizations:

  • Transition fades are now timer controlled for consistent performance regardless of system settings or video card.
  • Fixes timing issues caused by bug in Windows Vista and Windows 7 where if Aero Glass is disabled the GPU handling of certain tasks is disabled and taken over by the CPU. Check MenuMagic forum for thread on Windows Optimization bug that actually degrades performance.
  • Various tweaks to either eliminate unnecessary transitions or improve status (for example if waiting for form to finishing loading).
  • Now remembers* if program was Maximized when closed and remembers program's pre-maximized size & position. *If MenuMagic Appearance Settings are set to remember program's location & size program.
  • Fixed problem with Dupe Plug-in Fixer not maximizing properly when MenuMagic was maximized.
  • If you grab and hold the MenuMagic program's titlebar with mouse cursor after a short delay the program now turns semi-transparent.

Finalized new skins:

  • Black Box.
  • Light Board.
  • Moonlight.
  • NeonNIght (was Terminal4Bit).
  • WOT.

Other Changes:

  • Fixed Error Handling issues and improved Bug Reporting.
  • Help content updated with latest program changes.
  • Help system improved, updated, and 2 new modes added:
    • New External Help mode - where Help about the current area of MenuMagic launches in a separate window. Help automatically closes when MenuMagic is closed.
    • New Standalone Help Viewer.

Price: $69.99. An Early Adopter discount price of $21.99 is currently in effect. The price will increase in later beta stages.

Buy MenuMagic now and you will receive the latest version of MenuMagic, get access to beta versions and receive a free upgrade to version 2 when it is released.

For more information on MenuMagic please check out www.AgitatedState.com or their forum here at KVR.



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