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Agitated State releases MenuMagic v2 for Cakewalk

Agitated State

Agitated State has released version 2.0 of MenuMagic, the plug-in management toolbox specially designed to work with Cakewalk DAWs. Its toolset enables a user to analyze, fix issues and organize their plug-ins into menus.


  • Supports both Cakewalk by BandLab and Sonar DAWs – from last version of Platinum to back to v6.02.
  • Works on Window 10 through XP.
  • VST2, VST3 and DX support/handling.
  • MenuMagic Status tab notifies the user of plug-in modifications, system changes, stale backups, un-applied changes and more.
  • Tools to backup/restore Cakewalk VST registry.
  • Customizable interface
    • Resizable GUI.
    • Customize the appearance of MenuMagic with 14 selectable skins plus tweakable hue, saturation and alpha settings.
    • Remembers size and placement of program location on given screen/monitor.
    • Thorough use of tooltips (mouse over hints) throughout MenuMagic is designed to make the program easy to learn and understand.
    • Additional plugin filters - in the Categorization & Name Fixes tabs let a user additionally filter plug-ins based on type and bit level (32 or 64-bit).
    • Support non-English languages (including Chinese, Japanese, Russian, etc.) for plug-ins and when building menus or renaming plugins.
  • Advanced Plug-in Renaming/Name Fix Module with Plug-in Type Filtering
    Sophisticated plugin name managements tools make your life easier.
    • Rename plug-ins to make them easier to identify (such as with Kontakt where the 2out, 8out, 16out versions all show up in menus with same name).
    • Cascading find and replace options that can operate globally or on selected plugin names.
    • Add a prefix or suffix to plug-in names based on type (i.e. VST, VSTi, DX, DXi).
    • Ability to add bit type (32/64) as suffix to plug-in name that will show up in Sonar's plugin menus.
  • Advanced Dupe plugin handling hides plug-ins from appearing within a DAW or unHides them.
    • One click auto-hide dupes from appearing in plugin menus.
    • Works with plug-ins located in protected folders.
    • Dupe counter in stats reflects # of dupes that can be eliminated/hidden.
    • A user can choose if the VST3, VST2, 64-bit or 32-bit version is used or hidden and if desired unhide at a later time.
    • Detail panes show detailed file information and VST plugin information on selected plug-ins.
    • Direct access to plugin's folder location allows a user to perform manual file actions.
  • The Menu Creation tab allows a user to create/implement/preview customized plug-in menus.
    • Preview how custom plugin layout menus as will appear in Cakewalk or Sonar.
    • Assign layout to any or all of Sonar's clip menus, processing menus, etc. (eg SynthRack, AudioEffectBin, etc.).
    • Rearrange initial menu to create sublevels/submenus.
    • Clone menu, sections of menu or copy from pre-existing menus.
  • Control Cakewalk's & Sonar's VST scanning
    • Control the VST Scan Folders list.
    • Control VST scanning options (rescan failed, rescan existing, reset, scan on Cakewalk/Sonar launch, etc.).
    • Options to eliminate duplicate & recursive paths so that list is optimized for faster scanning.
    • Easily transfer list of VST Scan Folders from Sonar to Cakewalk by BandLab.
  • Fully searchable Plug-in Info Grid shows details on all VST / DX plug-ins and identifies duplicates.
    • Multi-column bi-directional sorts let a user see their data.
    • Plug-in Grid shows all modifications made since last save in red.
    • Hit Ctrl-F to search grid for plugin names, paths, etc. Hit F3 to search for next match.
    • Export a color coded HTML copy of grid for records or for reference.
  • MenuMagic Tray Icon App.
    • MenuMagic update detection.
      Get notified (or manually check) if there is a new version of MenuMagic available.
    • Directly launch VST Scanner.
    • Directly launch VST Scanner then automatically launch MenuMagic or just launch MenuMagic.

Other features:

  • Verifies that Sonar's database has the correct bit level (32 vs 64) set for plugins to avoid plugin mishandling.
  • Improved performance over v1 - if VST plugin scanner has not been run skips database scans for faster loading.
  • Found a bug or got a program suggestion?
  • Bug Report button allows a user to easily submit their problem or request directly to Agitated State.

V2 Intro Price: $19.99. The release is free to registered MenuMagic users.

Buy MenuMagic now and you will receive BOTH the version 2 of MenuMagic and the last release of the original version 1:

  • V2 - supports Cakewalk for BandLab and Sonar (from last release back to v6.02).
  • V1 - supports older versions of Cakewalk DAWs that use the VST Adapter like Project 5 v2, Sonar5, etc.

For more information on MenuMagic please check out www.AgitatedState.com or their forum at KVR.



Discussion: Active
5 June 2018 at 8:32pm

I've tried to get to the site for this app, but it just loads blank regardless of using Chrome or Firefox. And I'm on Linux (Fedora), so don't even suggest IE or Edge... My DAW is in Windows, but I connect to the internet with this one. Anyone else having problems with this website???


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