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Agitated State updates MenuMagic to v1.8.9.11

Agitated State

Agitated State has released version of MenuMagic, the plug-in management tool specially designed to work with Cakewalk's Sonar DAW that enables the user to organize their audio plug-ins (VST, VSTi, DX, DXi, 32-bit, 64-bit).

This update of the MenMagic v2 beta contains significant new features and bug fixes. It is a recommended update for all v2 beta users that includes:

Manually Updated Plug-in Matching Database

  • Now contains over 1200 entries.
    Recognizes and automatically pre-Categorizes plug-ins when program is run for the first time or when new plug-ins are discovered.
  • Improved plug-in naming
    • FX versions and multiple-output versions of plug-ins are now more clearly named.
      E.g. z3ta+ FX, Wusik Station (multi-out), NI Absynth 5 fx surround, NI Kontakt 5 (16 out), etc..
    • Fixed various listings that were misnamed or mis-categorized.
    • Added vendor name prefixes to most plug-ins to more clearly identify them.

Language localization detection

  • Changed comparison code for plug-in names and categorizations so that they are case insensitive and that case insensitivity is based on your computer's localization. Meaning that if you are using, for example, Russian as your computer's native language that upper and lower case Russian language characters are considered matches. Systems using English as their local language will see no change.

Improved Plug-in Tracking / improved handling of Waves plug-ins

  • Rewrote plug-in Matching Algorithm.
    Improves matching of plug-ins when there are changes to plug-in file names. Fixes the problems with some plug-ins losing their Categorizations after getting updated.
  • Better handling of plug-in names and Vendor names that contained non-English characters.
  • Better handling of VST plug-ins missing VST ID.
  • Remembers your plug-in Categorizations even if when you delete plug-ins. If you delete and later restore a plug-in MenuMagic now remembers how you previously had it categorized.

Name Fixes tab

  • New - New Quick Info. Right click on single or selected groups of plug-ins to see plug-in detail information.
  • Added a Quick Edit mode to the Name Fixes (same feature already exists in Categorization tab).
  • Improved working of the Plug-in Type Filter. Fixed bug where if you were on the Name Fixes tab and changed the Plug-in Type Filter (bottom left hand corner) that any previous non-accepted name edit changes were discarded.
  • Fixed bug where Name Fixes could not alter, add or delete text that contained either an opening or closing bracket ('[' or ']').
    This effected people who use jBridge and wanted to remove the '[jbridge]' prefix on plugin names.

Categorization tab

  • Work flow enhancements
    When creating new Categorizations you are now longer required to had a category description. You can create multiple categories with taking your hands of the keyboard - just hit enter to proceed to next item.
  • Bug fix - right clicking in white space of the Category box on the categorization page below the last listed VST produced no longer creates error messages.

Plug-in Dupe Fixer

  • Improved handling of Dupes. Now shows all the different status types. Fixed problem where sometimes data was missing from Grid.
  • Simplified grid coloring system to be more informative yet less confusing.
    First column color shows dupe status (such as if plug-in has been disabled or will become active next time VST Scanner is run).
  • Improved mouseover tool tips (hints) to give better information.
  • Font colors are now dynamic - automatically changes with color mutation and grid color brightness settings for most visible font color.
  • Dupe Fixer - on loading there is now a progress bar that shows loading status.

Menu Creation tab

  • Improved editing.
    Fixed bug where if you were editing a folder or plug-in name and hit the delete key to delete text MenuMagic would ask if you wanted to delete the item (folder or plug-in).
  • Added descriptive label to remind you that hitting F2 lets you rename items.

Help Content Updated

  • Includes latest program changes and information on Quick Edit mode.

Splash Screen

  • Changed how Splash screen works - optimizations for Windows 7 & Windows 8.
    As shown below. Fixed the MenuMagic loading progress on the program's taskbar icon for Windows7 and Windows8.

Improved look and readability of grids

  • Header rows and columns now match skin theme colors.
  • Font colors are now dynamic - automatically changes for most visible font color.
    Light font for dark background colors, dark font for light background colors.
  • All grids now have same look & feel:
    • Status tab - detail grid.
    • Menu Creation tab - Save Menu Layout.
    • Tools tab - Plug-in Info Grid.
    • Tools tab - Dupe Fixer.
    • Settings/Options tab - Appearance Settings, color mutations grid row color indicators.

Other Significant Changes

  • Bug Fix - fixed problems that could occur if you closed MenuMagic by using the close corner instead of clicking on the Quit button.

Price: $69.99. An Early Adopter discount price of $21.99 is currently in effect. The price will increase in later beta stages. Buy MenuMagic now to receive the latest version of MenuMagic, get access to beta versions and receive a free upgrade to version 2 when it is released.

For more information on MenuMagic please check out www.AgitatedState.com or their forum here at KVR.



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