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Ample Sound releases Ample Ethno Banjo with Ethno Instrument Promotion

Ample Sound

Ample Sound has announced the release of Ample Ethno Banjo(AEBJ), a new sampled virtual instrument based on a Deering Sierra Banjo. It's a 3.9 GB sample library with 9 articulations.


  • 4 Mic Modes: Mono, Bridge Stereo, Body Stereo and Neck Stereo.
  • Sustain, Palm Mute, Natural Harmonic, Slide in & out, Legato Slide, Hammer On & Pull Off, Pop, Strum, 9 articulations. Legato at random length & pitch, with support for multiple strings.

New Features:

  • SAHDS Modulation System:
    • Each voice has its on SAHDS modulation envelope.
    • You can get natural and realistic vibratos while keeping the Mod wheel in one position.
    • The mod speed, gain, and pitch can also be adjusted.
  • Advance Bend:
    • Each string can be bent individually, while other strings are generating normal notes.
    • When a string is bent, the status will be kept so it can be released when it is played again.
    • The Advance Bend system simulates real instrument by modeling the change of sound such as timbre and velocity.
  • Capo logic system specially designed for the 5-string Banjo.
  • Banjo Strummer.
  • Banjo Tab Reader.

System Requirements:

  • Windows: Windows 7/8/10, 64-bit only (32-bit not supported).
  • Mac: 10.9 or higher.
  • VST2, VST3, AU, AAX and Standalone host.
  • 10 GB Hard Disk, Intel i5 or higher.

Ample Sound also updated Ample Ethno Ukulele to v3.4:

  • SAHDS Modulation System.
  • Advance Bend system.
  • New keyboard skin – Dark Keys.
  • Improved IR related algorithm with higher efficiency.
  • Some changes in Strummer.
  • Updated the old standalone host (ASHost) to the Rectangles.
  • Fixed VST3 parameter issue in some DAWs.
  • Fixed some bugs that caused crashes in Riffer and Strummer.
  • Fixed some bugs in exported chords in Strummer's chord detection mode.
  • Fixed a problem that caused the Uninstaller unable to run on latest versions of MacOS.

Demo Video

The Raven

HifiMIDI Review

Demo Songs

Ethno Instrument promotion:

Intro Price: $89 until July 4, 2021 (Reg. $119).

Ample Sound is running an Ethno Instrument promotion, Banjo, Ukulele and related bundle 25% off until July 4. A further 10% off for the loyal users.



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