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audioström updates LiveProfessor to v2.0.4


audioström LiveProfessor 2 has been updated to version 2.0.4.


  • Added display of project tempo in the top bar.
  • Increased number of view sets that can be recalled my MIDI/OSC controller to 32.
  • When a project is opened and a plugin not found, you can now replace it with another plugin.
  • Ticks/crackles when adjusting input/output gain using controller.
  • Added option (default on) to smooth the MIDI clock. It is now both averaged and rounded to avoid clock/tempo jitter.
  • View Sets no longer hide status bar.
  • When there is not enough room to show all view sets in the top bar, you can now click on the down arrow button to see all view sets. In this drop-down box, the view sets can be re-arranged by drag and drop.
  • Issues with slate digital plugins and others related to opening plugin UI.
  • Bug in MIDI filter UI on some systems. (apparently related to desktop scale).
  • The bypass/on/off/mute/etc functions of the selected plugin can now be controlled via keyboard and hardware controllers.
  • Issue with ISO and global snapshot. Bypass would turn on.


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