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Bitwig Studio updated to v2.2

Bitwig Studio has been updated to v2.2.

Highlights include:

  • With Ableton Link, Bitwig Studio syncs perfectly and effortlessly to a multitude of software solutions, including an entire ecosystem of mobile apps.
  • A new Time Shift device allows for creative timing adjustments anywhere in your device chain.
  • Get creative in modulation heaven with 4 new modulators: Polynom, Quantize, Audio Rate, Sample and Hold.
  • The On-Screen Keyboard Panel is now available in all display profiles.
  • New display profile: Studio/Touch.
  • Lots of fixes and improvements, check the full change-log below.




  • Ableton Link support.
  • Time Shift Device.
  • Sample & Hold Modulator.
  • Quantize Modulator.
  • Audio Rate Modulator.
  • Polynom Modulator.
  • Dual Display (Studio/Touch) profile.


  • Improved Audio & Note Playback Engine.
  • Add a smoothness parameter to MIDI clock slave.
  • Remember sample auto preview and synchronize to song tempo from the sample preview in the preferences.
  • Allow user to edit templates they have created by opening the project file in the template folder.
  • Add pan swap to the Tool device.
  • Better user experience for configuring Audio Devices.
  • Better workflow for selecting clips & time in the arranger to show content in the editor.
  • MIDI Clock Slave catches the tempo faster on Continue.
  • Added Single Trigger option to ADSR & AHDSR modulators (useful only in mono-mode).
  • When clicking on arranger clips, the note editor (clip mode) should only scroll if alt modifier was pressed.
  • Rename some Livid instrument scripts so they all have a distinct name.
  • Add MIDI Learn button to the MIDI modulator.
  • Add an option to release Note Latch playing notes when the transport is stopped.
  • Update plugin window title in real-time.
  • Show device and track name in VST window title area on macOS.
  • Always show name on arranger clips (instead of only custom names).
  • Sampler's start and loop region is now polyphonic.
  • Added touch keyboard to both single display profiles.
  • Let Macro and Macro-4 be polyphonic.
  • Remember zoom level per clip.
  • Make HW CV Instrument wider.
  • Let the comb filter go down to 20 Hz.
  • Add smoothing to Step Modulator.
  • Improve zoom to fit for clip launcher note editor.
  • Support DPI Aware plug-ins on Windows (if they implement PreSonus Plug-In Extensions).
  • Removed legato for raw audio and made working with sample play stop (in seconds) vs event end (in beats) more clear.
  • The search field from the library on the side panel should be the same for each content type.
  • Controller API: make auto-detection work for multiple connected devices of the same model.
  • It is now possible to set the cross-fade length used when looping audio clips.
  • Improved compatibility with HiDPI plug-ins on Windows.
  • It is now possible to use more than one MIDI controller of the same model (e.g. Launchpad) at the same time.
  • Scripting API: new API to copy slots or scenes.
  • Sampler now supports audio rate pitch modulation.
  • If a plugin takes a long time to scan notify the user and give them the option to skip that plugin.
  • Better support for resizing of plug-in windows.
  • Smooth/Glide for the step sequencer.
  • Remember plugin window position.
  • Improved Arturia Keylab 25/49/61/88 scripts.


  • Out of memory error when parsing some u-he preset files.
  • Engine crash sometimes when switching projects.
  • APC40 MKII version 1.0 by Akai crashed while using the cue knob.
  • Potential crash when dragging audio file from spotlight.
  • Deleting nested return track in certain corrupted projects could cause a crash, these are now automatically repaired.
  • Crash when saving remote controls.
  • Painting of automation preview sometimes crashes.
  • Transposing notes using arrow keys sometimes erases other notes when passing over.
  • Double-clicking a dot in Blur device places dot outside the dynamic display box.
  • When moving multiple notes with the same key over other notes using arrow keys, the existing notes might get truncated in some cases.
  • Duplicating a track does not properly duplicates the track's output routing.
  • Overlapping notes in MIDI files are not imported correctly.
  • VST3 ModuleEntry () was not called on Linux.
  • QuNeo not auto detected on Linux.
  • Setting a clip's loop length to very small values causes the playhead to escape the looped region and play audio outside of it.
  • "Save Preset To Library" dialog: TAB key doesn't switch from Tags to Preset description (+ [SUG] "Category" selector).
  • Copying automation to clip launcher needs finer threshold for streamlining points, to avoid that straight sections result in a sloped section if points are very close.
  • Impossible to stop queued clip before it launches.
  • Undo history breaks if you move an automation point and hit the right mouse key while doing so.
  • Timing of resulting bounce is not accurate when tempo automation is used.
  • "Poly" button in ADSR modulator: tool-tip says "Single Trigger".
  • File/Close doesn't work nor shortcut ctrl+W.
  • Deleting note effects while playing can result in stuck notes.
  • Crash when importing multiple audio files using drag and drop to an empty project.
  • VST3 plugins may fail scanning in some cases.
  • Automation of Diatonic Transposer mode shift doesn't quite match up with the actual values.
  • Raise the maximum number of HW audio channels from 128 to 256.
  • Pen tool right-click to delete notes does not work without moving the mouse in drum editor.
  • Steps Modulator: when Loop is OFF, Modulator jumps back to the first step after completion of the cycle, instead of staying on the last step.
  • Modulator mapping visualization would disappear when folding and unfolding the modulators while editing a remote controls page.
  • Shot mode in sampler didn't play the sample the first time.
  • ALSA: improve recovery when sound card is brutally disconnected.
  • Delete key does not update the text field in large text editor (e.g: preset's description).
  • Drum machine only has 127 slices while it could have 128.
  • Scrolling note editor when clicking on arranger clips does not work correctly the first time.
  • Preview player made a hung-buffer noise if you selected a sample/file which was missing but still in the index while playing back another one.
  • Sample preview sometimes clicked at the beginning.
  • It was possible to create shorter loops than the minimum allowed size by dragging a short clip from the arranger to the clip launcher.
  • Fix problems with using projects after they have been saved as a template.
  • Window wants to become bigger than screen when opening clip content editor in EDIT panel layout with 300% scaling.
  • Time shift shouldn't be automatable & modulatable.
  • Fix some devices default settings and default preset.
  • Reporting tempo 0 to VST plug-in instances.
  • Modulation mapping visual indication would disappear after folding/unfolding chains.
  • Recording note clip launcher playback to the arranger doesn't update the recorded clip when editing the source clip.
  • Clicking in track group background on the arranger results in broken looking note editor if group master contains no audio clips.
  • Using the ALT-modifier in the clip launcher to bounce a clip during drag & drop was moving the original (should be a copy).
  • Regression: command for setting loop region to time selection area does not work until an event is selected.
  • Regression: field value flickers when adjusting start time of arranger clips in inspector.
  • Note modulator doesn't affect notes before they play.
  • Notes in first loop iteration are not rendered correctly if clip content start marker is at the same location as the loop end.
  • Engine crashes if there is an error initializing audio output.
  • Engine crash when connecting engine to a project that contains a bypassed HW Instrument.
  • Crashes from Changing Audio Sample Rate.
  • Delete button works like backspace in text editor.
  • Values Can Not Be Confirmed via Numerical Block Enter Key.
  • Consolidating clips with RAW audio in them results in the audio playing outside of the clip boundary.
  • Automation bug in large project.
  • Button to enable automatic size of audio lanes is sometimes not visible when it should.
  • Crash when layer editing in a hybrid track with audio background.
  • Bounce/In Place freezes when external clock is being received.
  • Saving as template could break the current document (missing samples).
  • Sampler not keytracking correctly.
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13 October 2017 at 1:45pm

Great update! <3.

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