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Softube releases Core Mixing Suite and free update for Console 1


Softube has released the Core Mixing Suite and a free update for Console 1. Here's what they're saying:

This biggest-yet update gives you the advancements of the latest generation of Console 1 software, and it's available via Softube Central at no cost to you.

New features include a completely reworked interface that allows you to change sections directly from the plug-in with visible sections in the On Screen Display highlighted in the plug-in interface. In addition, the Console 1 plug-in now offers nine different sections, including a Tape section and secondary EQ, Comp, and Shape sections that are only available from the plug-in interface.

We've worked hard to ensure that Console 1 Mk I and Mk II users can access as many new features associated with Console 1 Channel Mk III as possible. We hope you enjoy these complimentary updates.

Core Mixing Suite: the new standard for mixing with Console 1:

Our quest to create the perfect channel strip is over. Core Mixing Suite is here and ready to put a hand-picked selection of high-quality processors in your hands so you can tackle any mixing or production task with confidence from your Console 1 Mk I, Mk II, or your new Channel Mk III hardware.

Core Mixing Suite lets you get the most out of the nine sections that the Console 1 plug-in now offers with exclusive new tools. You'll get access to preamp and filters based on our popular Tape plug-in. You'll have three times the shape processing power with Dual Dynamics, Core Panner, and Core Shape. Core Mixing Suite includes two new EQs — Modern & Vintage — plus three compressors based on our well-regarded FET Compressor Mk II, Bus Processor, and Opto Compressor plug-ins. Not to mention a brand-new harmonic drive.

With Core Mixing Suite, you get all the processing you could possibly need right at your fingertips without having to leave Console 1.


All Products:

  • Added Undo/Redo functionality for all plug-ins.
  • Added default preset functionality for all plug-ins.

Console 1 System:

  • The Console 1 license has been split into one license for the SSL SL 4000 E-Series Series Channel Strip and one license for the Console 1 System which includes the Console 1 Plug-in and the On-Screen Display.
  • A completely reworked plugin GUI allowing you to change sections directly from the plugin. Visible sections in the On-Screen Display are highlighted in the plugin GUI.
  • The Console 1 plug-in can now host 9 different sections A "Tape/Preamp" section, as well as secondary EQ, Comp, and Shape sections. These are only available from the new plugin UI.
  • History has been replaced with Undo/Redo, press Shift + 5 to enter Undo/Redo, and hold shift while scrolling Volume/Select.
  • The On-Screen Display settings menu has been redesigned.
  • Track View has been redesigned with EQ and compressor curves.
  • Defeat Auto-Make-Up: Turn off auto make-up on compressors, and set manual make-up with Shift + Threshold.
  • The old preset system has been replaced with Preset Collection and can be accessed from the plug-in as well. Presets from other plug-ins, for example, CL 1B, can be accessed directly from the hardware if the CL 1B is loaded into Console 1. To access the old preset system press "Presets" twice.
  • Press shift + OK while selecting a strip/section and you keep the parameter values from the previously loaded section.
  • Load Filters is now accessed by pressing Shift + Track Select 7.
  • Fixed an issue when Console 1 didn't enter MIDI mode when exiting the OSD (only Mk I and Mk II).

Amp Room, Modular, and Console 1:

  • Will warn if the platform is too old for sub plug-ins and needs to be updated.

Amp Room:

  • Fixed an issue when removing all modules would crash the DAW.
  • Fixed that it was possible to move a mix module in Studio Mode.
  • Fixed an issue when double-clicking a Mix/split module in Studio Mode crashed the DAW.


  • Fixed an issue where Buchla modules didn't respond to MIDI learn.
  • Fixed an issue where the Modular sequencers' length parameter was out of sync with the UI.

Tube-Tech SMC 2B:

  • Now reports the correct gain reduction to hosts (VST3, AAX).
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