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ConcreteFX BrushSyn & BrushFX released


ConcreteFx are proud to announce the release of it's new Windows VSTi monosynth/effect Brush, which is composed of BrushSyn and BrushFx.

BrushSyn is comb filter VSTi Monosynth for the PC that uses two sets of dual-comb filters to create a variety of different sounds, such as plucked strings, basses, pad, drums and a vast range of sound effects.

  • 2 dual-comb filters, with built in filtering and distortion and crossfeedback, which can be arranged in parallel or serial and has built in feedback limiting.
  • Each comb filter pitch is controllable by a LFO with 16 different waveforms.
  • Each dual-comb filter has it's own amplitude envelope / LFO and multi-mode filter with it's own envelope and distortion.
  • Midi automation of controls.
BrushFX - MIDI controlled comb filter VST effect for Windows, this uses the same architecture as Brushsyn to create phaser effects, reverb, distortions and many other unique effects.

  • Midi control of comb filter, so they can be tuned to incoming MIDI notes.
  • Comb filter pitch can be altered by volume of incoming sound
  • Also include is a full manual and 64 presets.
Brush can be purchased for $35/£22/32Euro from http://www.concretefx.com, a time-limited demo can be downloaded here as well.


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