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Detunized releases Kathie's Revenge - The Vocalist Toolbox Ableton Live Pack

Detunized has released a new Ableton Live Pack and a new bundle:

DTS026 - Kathie's Revenge - The Vocalist Toolbox
Female vocal artist Kathie Monroe came in for several recording sessions and performed whatever came to her mind. The results are 5 perfect vowel instruments, the Konsolese device, 52 categorized vocal clips spiced up with 10 sophisticated effect racks.

The vowel instruments span across 3 octaves each. Their included samples were fine tuned only, no further transpositions took place. Konsolese contains a lot of short vocal attacks and all kinds of side noises that Kathie did during recording. With implemented random and arpeggiator features Konsolese is a versatile tool for cadenced staccato phrases. Also included in this Live Pack are 52 clips that introduce a great variety of dadaistic phrases and other weird frames of mind.

Kathies Revenge is available as download for €6.98. New subscribers get DTS025 – Shak2 for free.

Detunized Offers Bundles
The round starts off with 5 themed bundles that contain different Live Packs from the Detunized catalog. For the collectors there is the 20 Live Packs Bundle available. It includes releases DTS001 to DTS020.

Subscriber downloads available for €4.98. Instant downloads start at €6.78.

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