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DMG Audio updates EQuilibrium to v1.56

DMG Audio

DMG Audio has updated EQuilibrium to v1.56.


  • OpenGL improvements.
  • Reduce graphics overheads.
  • Improve text editing, tab and backtab commit entered value and select next/prev, esc cancels text editing.
  • Improve VST3 automation.
  • Import AU, AAX, VST3 tracknames.
  • Improve mousewheel handling on windows.
  • Improve keyboard handling.
  • Improve automation resolution in Logic X.
  • Fix bug where Digital+Phase mode could cause channel misalignment.
  • Misc crash fixes (reaper multichannel, changing band type, creating/deleting bands, auto-sorted frequency).
  • Parallel bands no longer pop when bypassed.
  • Fixes and improvements to preset/bank load/save.
  • Presets can now be reloaded correctly from the factory root folder.
  • Autolisten with fixed gain locks gain whilst adjusting.
  • Extra autolisten Q values of 6 and 3.
  • New autolisten enable 'toggle' mode, (ctrl|dbl) +click to engage and disengage (note: for graph nodes, mouse must be moved when engaging if "Right-Click" set to "Invert" or "Bypass").
  • Various other autolisten fixes and improvements.
  • Support Avid AAX EQ curve.
  • Fix for "extended frequency range" causing incorrect frequency reload in Cubase.
  • Alt-click "Autogain" to disengange and apply autogain to the channel faders.
  • Update pagetables for Avid S6.
  • Fix where AB onscreen would not reflect current AB bank.
  • Ctrl-click defaults to inverting selected band bypasses.
  • Improved support for different surround formats for AU and VST3.
  • Improvements to fullscreen behaviour (esc to close window. Passthrough of all other keys to host).
  • Can bypass and delete nodes from keyboard view with (ctrl|dbl) +click (bypass) and alt+(ctrl|dbl) +click (delete).
  • Improve scaling of gains when dragging multiple bands.
  • Fix bug with "On Create" sorting being too enthusiastic.
  • Fixes for redo behaviour.
  • Fix crash when loading plugin in bypassed state.


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