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DMG Audio updates TrackComp to v1.02

DMG Audio

DMG Audio has updated TrackComp to v1.02.

Changes in v1.02:

  • Fix GR metering in mono instances.
  • Fix "manual" sidechain listen mode.
  • Fix very obscure crash loading in Logic X.
  • Make slider behaviour smoother.
  • Remove spurious DC bias in 76D mode (resolves issues with excessive distortion).
  • Report correct version number in Cubase VST2.
  • Fix Pro Tools crash when selecting Ext sidechain but none is routed.
  • Jumpstart resource loading to prevent weirdness in Pro Tools.
  • Alt-mousewheel on snap-to sliders will cycle through values.
  • Extend E-Channel release time, and mark hardware ranges.
  • Flatten low-end response for 76D (assume higher input impedance on interface).
  • Jumpstart 2A GR to minimise pops when switching models.
  • Manual edits.
  • Improve 2A attack behaviour.
  • Support VST3 GR meter in Studio One.

Changes in v1.01:

  • Add Q-Bias to 76 to allow calibrating aggression.
  • Rework 76 to avoid breakup.
  • Rework 76 to implement proper hardware stereo linkage (prevents distortion on wide signals).
  • Prevent DC noise when adjusting 76 threshold.
  • Fix issue with 2A compression.
  • Fix linked GR metering.
  • Added Sidechain filter for E-Channel.
  • Fix vertical alignment of some text labels.
  • Q-Bias/2A text in manual.
  • Keep UI working when automating to empty Model settings.
  • Redraw the red bars OVER the sliders.
  • Stop grabbing keys in Logic X.
  • Fix recall of A/B bank as displayed on UI.
  • Persist GR zoom across UI open/close.


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