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DMG Audio release Track Range - 5 Plug-ins (incl. a freebie)

DMG Audio

DMG Audio has released the Track Range, five new plug-ins, including a freebie. The others cost £34.99 each:

TrackControl (Free):

  • Free for anyone with a DMGAudio account.
  • Fully equipped stereo toolkit.
  • M/S encode and decode.
  • M/S and L/R Panning.
  • Stereo Width control.
  • Channelstrip input controls for Phase and LR Swap.
  • High-pass filter with adjustable frequency and slope.
  • Delay both forward and backward in time (on hosts with PDC).


  • Psychoacoustically optimised to surgically and invisibly control sibilance.
  • Quick, simple, ergonomic interface.
  • Dual-release Peak/RMS-based time detector for invisible operation.
  • Two-band sidechain EQ, and variable crossover control.


  • State of the art gating and expansion.
  • Noise detector for automatic gating.
  • Quick, simple, ergonomic interface.
  • Circuit models of classic gates.
  • Ultra-low attack times in circuit model modes.
  • External sidechain for triggered gating.
  • Sample-accurate MIDI triggering as gate or ducker.
  • Two-band sidechain EQ.


  • State-of-the-art peak limiter with low latency and low CPU usage.
  • Dual-stage dynamic handling separates transients and dynamics.
  • Beautiful, minimalist user interface.
  • Inter-sample (True-) peak suppression.
  • Quick and easy limiting that sounds great, for tracks, busses and premasters.


  • Fully featured FFT Spectrum Analyser.
  • Octave, 1/3rd Octave and 1/12th Octave displays.
  • 2D and 3D Spectrographs.
  • Lissajous and Oscilloscope displays.
  • Phase Meter and Correlation Meter.
  • 1/3rd Octave RMS Analyser.
  • Phase Spectrum analyser.
  • Chromatic tuner.
  • ITU1770 Short-Term loudness history and histogram display.
  • Full ITU1770 / EBU r128 / ATSC A/85 loudness metering support.
  • Full-screen mode and PNG screenshots.
  • Freely-resizable UI.
  • Mac Retina support.

All plug-ins are available for Mac OS X and Windows in VST2, VST3, AU, RTAS and AAX plug-in formats.



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