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TrackComp 2

Reviewed By ARude [all]
September 20th, 2020
Version reviewed: 2.02 on Windows

With emulations of classic Optical, FET, VCA & Zenner compressor/limiters, this has become my "go to" for tracks that need one. Unlike a lot of plugins, the presets are well described and useful needing just an occasional tweak. I've owned this plugin since version 1 and version 2 is a big improvement. Like a lot of the classic compressor/limiters that it emulates [very accurately to my ear] it's easy to get good results with minimal effort.

The CPU usage is quite good. I've used multiple instances on several multi-mic live capture events with no glitches.

The FET emulation is great on a drum buss using the "Drum Room" preset. Little tweaking required but it's so good it's easy overuse.

I've worked in broadcast and studio engineering since the 70's and used and/or owned most of the originals. I owned and rebuilt a pair of 1960's LA-2A's that had original T4 [no suffix] gain control modules. The Optical emulation of this plugin sounds, responds and has the tube warmth very close to the original but lacks the tube noise and thermal drift of the original.

This plugin is also useful for those who are not familiar with the original units or are not sure which one will work the best on a track. Straight ahead, easy to to use controls and a well written manual. I own other plugins from this developer and use them in every project. Their tech support is fast and helpful. I really can't think of anything I don't like about this plugin with the possible exception that it's so good, it's easy to overuse. If you want one track compressor/limiter plugin that does it ALL this is the one.

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Reviewed By AudioGuy720 [all]
September 22nd, 2012
Version reviewed: XP on Windows

Interesting that yet another plug-in that is talked about wildly in the KVR Effects forum has zero reviews.

I'll just make it simple. EQuality sounds great, it's flexible and it's easy to use. It's pretty much every thing you could ask for in a software equalizer. You won't be disappointed just try it!

Oh...I have to use at least 500 characters? OK...here goes:

EQuality features 5 EQ types. "Digital" to analog to Linear Phase options are available. Variable slope (6dB to 48 dB) high and low pass filters. Low shelf, 4 parametric, and a high shelf filter as well.

The spectrum analyzer makes using this a breeze. There are tons of settings to change things up including K-system metering. If you're looking for a clean EQ this is a great option. Combine this with a nice "character EQ" plug-in for boosts and you're good to go.

The reason I gave the plug-in an 8 is because the minimum and analog phase modes aren't analog-spunding enough for my tastes. That and I wish the GUI was larger/expandable to accomodate big resolutions. Spectrum analyzers are easier to use with larger windowed plug-ins. Other than that I love this software!

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