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Extreme Sample Converter v3.0 released


Wlodzimierz Grabowski has released version 3.0 of Extreme Sample Converter, which, along with several new sample formats supported, now features a built-in VSTi converter.

New features:

  • Built-in VSTi Converter: Converts from virtual synth plugin to any sampler format.
  • EMULATOR X import.
  • PROTEUS X import.
  • HALION 3 import (requires a Steinberg Key).
  • KONTAKT 2 import.
  • WUSIKSTATION 2, MANYSTATION import (bank, preset, multi-sample import).
  • WUSIKSTATION 2, MANYSTATION export (bank, preset, multi-sample export).
  • KONTAKT export.
  • Complete conversion between MEGATRIG <-> DIMENSION <-> KEYSWITCH techniques used in Giga, Sfz, Kontakt, Halion, EmulatorX, ProteusX format.
  • Support for advanced layering and sample switching like CROSSFADE, CYCLE RANDOM SWITCH, CYCLE RIBBON SWITCH, RELEASE TRIGGER, CONTROLLER SWITCH.
  • Improvements in different format conversions.

Extreme Sample Converter is available for Windows and costs €70 / $87; a demo version is available.

Wlodzimierz also recently announced a VSTi sampler / sample player for Windows. It is expected to be released in March with the price yet to be announced.


  • IQ Ultra Fast Engine.
  • 16, 24, 32-bit support at any samplerate.
  • Supports Dimensions, Key-switching, Cycle Ribon, Cycle Random, Crossfading.
  • Dynamic Disk Streaming, also possible with 0 ms preload time.
  • Fast & Direct access to different formats, plays them directly from disk without any re-conversion to HD.
  • VSTi format (other formats will come in).
  • 16 Multi Timbral, 16 MIDI inputs freely configurable.
  • Multiple Outputs (32 mono / 16 stereo) with Mixer to controlling all multi parts.
  • Built-in HD Browser with Drag & Drop functions.
  • Complete MIDI integration with General MIDI support.
  • Virtual keyboard, you can see structure of loaded sounds.
  • Multiple instances and Low Memory usage (each instance shares the same program resources). Each instance adds 512 stereo voices which gives you unlimited polyphony.
  • IQ Sound Edit - one touch to controlling different sound parameters in real-time.
  • Independent Save, Load, Archive options.
  • Quick start and ready to work in a one second.
  • and more...


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