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Jeff Larson updates Mobius - Looping Device to v1.32

Circular Labs

Jeff Larson has updated Mobius - Looping Device to v1.32. The purpose of this release is primarily to bring the Mac and Windows versions back in sync. Version 1.32 is available for both platforms and will be kept in sync from now on. This brings all the new features developed during the Mac beta period over to Windows, but adds relatively little to the Mac version. VST and AU plug-ins are now included in the Mac release.

Main changes:

  • Windows and and Mac OS X versions back in sync.
  • MidiOut script function for sending MIDI from scripts.
  • MuteSyncMode parameter to control how MIDI start, stop, and clocks are sent during mute or pause mode.
  • Ability to select a script directory with all scripts within the directory loaded automatically.
  • Tracks may now have names rather than numbers, this is set in the Track Setup.
  • The duration of messages may be set in the Global Parameters dialog, setting this to zero or negative means that messages will persist until they are changed or a Global Reset happens.


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