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Mobius updated to v1.28

Circular Labs

Jeff Larson has released version 1.28 of Mobius - the major new features for this release are concurrent scripts, mono tracks, improved pitch shifting.

Main changes:

  • Concurrent scripts means that you can have more than one script running in a track at the same time. Previously if you attempted to use a script when there was another one waiting for an event, the first script would be canceled. This will make scripts behave more like built-in functions, and should resolve a number of reported problems related to scripting.
  • Most of the clicking noises during pitch shifting have been eliminated, though you may still hear some if you are using a keyboard controller and are changing pitches very rapidly (about 16th notes at 120 BPM). There is still however a significant amount of latency added by the pitch shifter, changes in pitch will sound as if they are delayed by about 1/10 second.
  • Mono track mode allows a track to have a single mono input channel that is then panned in a stereo output field. This is useful for instruments that are inherently mono, such as acoustic instruments that are not passed through a stereo effects device. Previously such devices would be panned hard left or hard right and could not be moved.
  • MIDI bindings to select Setups, Presets, and MIDI Configurations have been simplified and now work like bindings for functions and controls. Bindings for all configuration objects are now done in the MIDI Control dialog. A third panel labeled Configuration contains the names of each configuration object, prefixed by the type of that object (Preset, Setup, or MIDI). This allows you to use MIDI note and control change events to select configuration objects, previously you were limited to using program change events.
  • To help position display components in the UI, when the shift key is held down, the components will be erased and only their borders will be drawn. This is especially helpful for components that are often invisible such as the Tempo Display or the Message Area.
  • The Preset Alert display component has replaced with the Messages component. The preset alert formerly would popup a window whenever the preset changed, because this window would temporarily take keyboard focus, the keyboard would appear to freeze. Presets changes are now displayed in a normal UI component in the main Mobius window, keyboard focus does not change. The component is called Messages and may be selected in the Display Components dialog.
  • The Restore on Reset parameter has been added to the Track Setups. This parameter lets you define which track parameters will be changed to the values defined in the setup whenever the Reset function is used. If no parameters are selected, the track will stay in its current state after a reset (though all audio content will be lost).

In addition the following bugs have been fixed:

  • Crash opening the main window when running under Usine.
  • Keyboard freeze and occasional crash when selecting tracks with the keyboard.
  • When using Setups, a Reset after recording a loop without changing any controls resets to the default state rather than the state in the Setup.


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