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Mobius updated to v1.27

Circular Labs

Jeff Larson has released version 1.27 of Mobius. The major new feature in this release is Setups. Setups provide a mechanism to set the initial operating parameters for all tracks including controls like output level and pan, as well as assignments like presets and groups. You can think of it like a "global preset" for quickly configuring the tracks for a particular performance. See Using Setups for details.

NOTE: The default project template concept used in previous releases to assign VST ports and other track parameters is no longer supported. When you upgrade to 1.27 the default project will be converted into a setup with the name "Default Setup". After this conversion the default project will not be used, and you may delete the file "init.mob" in the Mobius installation directory.

Release 1.26 changed the behavior of the functions that control playback direction, rate and pitch so that they do not cancel Mute mode. There were a few users however that preferred the old behavior where these functions will always cancel Mute mode. This behavior may now be controlled with the Mute Cancel parameter. When this parameter is set to Major Modes only functions that change the mode will cancel Mute (the 1.26 behavior). If this is set to Always any function that modifies the loop will cancel mute mode, including the Reverse, Speed, Rate, and Pitch functions (pre 1.26 behavior).

In addition the following bugs have been fixed:

  • Crash when binding keys to the UI functions related to parameter control (NextParameter, PrevParameter, IncParameter, DecParameter).
  • Main track controls snapping back to original values after changing tracks using the keyboard.
  • GlobalPause not working.


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