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Circular Labs updates Mobius Programmable Looper to v2.4

Circular Labs

Circular Labs has updated Mobius Programmable Looper to version 2.4. The focus of this release was was fixing some memory leaks and a few bugs.

New features:

  • The "Periodic Status Log" global parameter enables printing of Mobius memory consumption once a minute for debugging.

Bugs fixed:

  • Slow memory leak on Mac when drawing text in the UI.
  • Large Memory leak if Max Redo Count is more than 1.
  • Changing "Beats per Bar" unstable with mouse.
  • Input Port and a few other parameters not displaying correctly in the main status area.
  • Binding dialogs always show 8 tracks and 4 groups rather than the number of tracks and groups configured.
  • Crash on Mac at startup when OSC is enabled.
  • Missing Mac osc.xml file.
  • Synchronization beats missed when Ableton transport is playing in a loop.


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