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Mobius updated to v1.29

Circular Labs

Jeff Larson has released version 1.29 of Mobius. The major new features in this release are support for multi-channel audio interfaces, and more options for canceling mute mode.

Main changes:

  • The standalone version of Mobius can now use all of the channels available on the selected audio interface, previous releases could only use the first two channels as a stereo pair. Channels are grouped into stereo pairs called "ports". For example, if an audio interface has 8 input and output jacks, there will be 4 stereo input and output ports.
  • The Mute Cancel feature first introduced in release 1.26 has been significantly enhanced. Several new cancel modes are now available including Never and Custom.
  • The Slip Forward and Slip Backward can be used to cause the playback position to immediately jump forward or backward by a selectable interval.

In addition the following bugs have been fixed:

  • Changing a track's Mono mode would not take effect until Mobius restarted.
  • Preset alert popup cannot be disabled.
  • Audio blip when doing a Retrigger with an immediate Mute.
  • Selecting a Setup doesn't immediately change the Presets.
  • Occasional crash running scripts that don't end with a Wait statement.


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