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Lexicon updates PCM96/PCM96 Surround to v3.2.0.1 (Mac Only)


Lexicon has released a new version of the PCM96 and PCM96 Surround software, v3.2.0.1, for Mac OS X only. This update enhances the Hardware Plug-In function to increase the software stability and performance. Software version represents a major overhaul of the streaming and control functionality to make it less processor intensive.

This version fixes a number of issues, including:

  • Support of ProTools 8: Resolved numerous PT8 issues.
  • Fixed problems in OS X 10.5.7 on PPC Macs. NOTE: this required building a separate installer for PPC for OS X 10.4.X Macs. The main installer is for 10.5.7 PPC Macs and ALL Intel Macs.
  • Decoupled PCM96 plug-ins: when you are using multiple PCM96 plugs on separate tracks you will no longer have problems due to no audio on sections of those tracks (previously you would get a processor overload from the DAW). This also allows you to use bypass and mute/solo of tracks.
  • Initial testing has been done in Digital Performer 8.
  • Initial testing has been done in Logic 9.
  • The PCM96Configurator display has been changed to handle multiple PCM96 and PCM96 Surround processors.
  • Fix to front panel meters so they work properly when using the PCM96s in control only mode.
  • The display values for the Tail Width parameter have been changed. As before, the width is expressed in degrees, with special text for particularly interesting values. These values would include "Stereo", "Mono", "Logic7" and so on. Those special values were shown in the wrong location, but have now been corrected. There is absolutely NO CHANGE in the sound of any factory or user presets, although the Tail Width parameter display may appear different in some presets.
  • The "Overload protection level" selector has been added to the "Communications" menu to allow users to get rid of DAW processor overloads. Depending on the speed of your computer, this will give you the opportunity to reduce latency in streaming mode by a full burst size.
  • Fixes to infrequent DAW hangs which occur when switching between mono and stereo plugs.

Software version is the latest version for both the PCM96 and the PCM96 Surround. There are separate installers and firmware for the PCM96 and the PCM96 Surround.



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