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MachineCodex Software releases AudioCodex v0.94 beta

MachineCodex Software

MachineCodex Software has released version 0.94 beta of AudioCodex.

Major Bug-Fixes:

  • Fixed the notorious 'crash-at-launch' bug, which occurred when the iApps preferences file could not be found.
  • Fixed a bug where changing iTunes libraries in Preferences wouldn't update the Tracks list till next launch; the iTunes Source & playlists now update immediately when the iTunes library is changed.
  • Fixed a bug where, if all tracks in a playlist were disabled, and the app was in default playback mode (loop-playlist), if a track from the list was force-played, when the end of the track was reached, the next track in the list would still be played. In the current version the player will no longer auto-advance if all playlist items are disabled, giving an effective 'play-once' functionality when in loop-playlist mode.
  • Fixed a bug where Boolean values were not being saved correctly in Visualiser settings. Visualisers now restore boolean values correctly on subsequent plays.
  • Fixed a bug where, when dragging tracks from one playlist into another playlist by drag & drop into the AudioCodex Source item (or one of it's playlists), if the playlist that the drag originated from had been sorted by clicking on a column header, or filtered using the Search field, the wrong tracks would be copied. Playlist-to-playlist drag&drop now preserves the source-playlists sorting & filtering correctly.
  • Fixed a bug where drag & drop from a playlist onto the AudioCodex source (to auto-create a new playlist) would fail if the first of the dragged items had no 'Artist' value.

iTunes Library handling Enhancements:

  • Major improvements in error-checking when attempting to load iTunes XML files;
  • More informative alerts are generated in the case of an error when loading the iTunes XML file;
  • Failure to locate the iTunes library at launch generates an alert, followed by a 'Choose iTunes XML file' File selection dialog
  • Failure to load the iTunes library at launch doesn't prevent the loading of AudioCodex Playlists & Watched Folders;
  • Delayed loading of the iTunes library until after the main window has opened;
  • Loading of iTunes library is carried out on a separate thread
  • Changing the iTunes library in Preferences now correctly updates the iTunes source-list.

Watched Folders Enhancements

  • Watched Folder scanning is carried out on a separate thread.

Playlist Search Enhancements

  • Added Album, Genre, and Type to the Search-field

FxChain Enhancements:

  • Individual Presets popup menus are now displayed for each effect in the FxChain tableview.

WaveForm View Enhancements

  • Optimised drawing algorithm uses less CPU
  • Choose from Pre-Mix or Post-Mix monitoring
  • Works in both Core Audio & QuickTime mode
  • Auto-disables drawing when it's window is closed.

New Interface Features:

  • Tabbed Inspector HUD consolidates multiple Inspectors within a single window
  • Inspector height & width are user-adjustable
  • Increased the height of the 10-Band Equalizer sliders
  • Enabled direct-editing of numeric fields in the 'Adjust' Inspector
  • Added a single Inspector button to the main toolbar
  • Removed the three Inspector buttons from the 'Dials' subview
  • Adjustments to improve the contrast & tonality of various HUD gui elements
  • Single-click on the Rewind button recues the current track from it's in-point immediately, click & hold scrubs backwards incrementally

QuickTime Playback Enhancements:

  • Eliminated 'stuttering' at the start of playback of short-duration files
  • Eliminated over-draw errors that occasionally manifested when viewing a sequence of different-sized videos in the main window
  • 'Adjust' Inspector displays discrete contextual controls for Core Audio & QuickTime modes
  • Level metering in QuickTime Mode.
  • Post-Mix WaveForm View metering in QuickTime Mode.


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