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MachineCodex Software updates AudioCodex to v1.20

MachineCodex Software

MachineCodex Software has updated AudioCodex to v1.20. This is a significant upgrade which eliminates a number of bugs and tightens up the user interface.


  • Improved Loop marking slider controls; in & out markers can be individually selected & unselected, and no longer jump to the mouse position on mouse down.
  • Improvements to Preset menu operation; if a named preset is currently selected when 'New preset...' is activated, that preset's name will be specified as the proposed name for the preset, making it easy to re-save the preset with updated/modified settings.
  • Improved Playback settings restoration, the Enabled and Global states for Warp, Equalizer, Reverb, and the Fx Chain effects are now properly respected, as well as the individual settings for each associated Audio Unit effect.
  • Improvements to QuickTime Mode:
    • Global mode and Default Effects settings for Equalize and Warp are now respected in QuickTime mode.
    • Global Mode switches are now provided for Equalize & Mix on the QuickTime Adjust Inspector.
    • The Mix Volume slider on the QuickTime Adjust Inspector now has a range of 0 2.0.
    • The Mix Volume field on the QuickTime Adjust Inspector now has a range of 0 3.0.
    • Fixed a coding oversight which prevented Volume & Pan settings from being saved for QuickTime tracks.
    • In QuickTime Mode, the Toolbar Volume slider, Volume Dial and Inspector Mix Volume controls now all affect the same property,.
    • Master Volume slider was thus removed from the QuickTime Inspector.
  • Watched Folders now visually indicate if an items source folder cannot be found, or if the folder can be found but contains no usable media items.
  • Watched Folders that are marked 'not found' will be automatically re-checked when next selected in the source-list.
  • Major reductions in memory usage when scanning large numbers of watched folder items.
  • Major improvements in threaded folder scanning code allows for instant abort of any scan in response to the app quitting or a currently scanning watched folder being removed from the source-list.
  • Added a dedicated 'Appearance' Pref-pane.
  • Added new preferences to control HUD background darkness & transparency.
  • Added new Preference controlling automatic Watched Folder creation & management for newly mounted CDs and iPods.
  • Added new Preference: Maximum No. of Watched Folder items to be added to any Watched Folder.
  • Mix Global switch added to DSP Preferences.
  • Improved implementation of 'All Effects Global' option in Preferences.
  • Updated the look of main transport buttons.
  • Updated the AudioCodex Help documentation.
  • Visualizer Inspector can now display popup menu's for index selection lists (Leopard Only).
  • Added utility buttons to the Visualizer Inspector for 'Save Preset', 'Edit In Quartz Composer', 'Reload from Disk', 'Reset' and 'Add to Library'.
  • ESC key now exits fullscreen mode.
  • Spacebar for Play/Pause now works in Fullscreen mode.
  • Custom windows now change border appearance depending on whether they are the 'key' window or not.
  • Modifications to appearance of several HUD controls.
  • Inspector subgroups now animate when opening and closing.
  • Inspector subgroups now stick to the top of the scroll view when opening and closing.
  • Fixed a series of anomalies associated with fast-forwarding/rewinding by clicking & holding down the Next & Previous buttons;
    • Eliminated bug where loops would be duplicated when going Next/Previous when on Loop mode.
    • Eliminated similar bug where rewinding past Loop In, or fast-forwarding past Loop Out could cause unexpected loop duplication.
    • Rewinding past In & fast-forwarding past out now causes the playhead to loop over to the opposite end of the current track in both Loop Mode and Playlist mode.
  • Fixed a bug (introduced in version 1.1) which caused the Master Volume level to be set to the current Mix Volume level when un-muting.
  • Fixed a bug (introduced in version 1.11) which caused the Master Volume level to decrease by 10% each time a Quicktime movie was played.
  • Fixed an oversight which prevented the saving of volume & pan settings for Quicktime tracks.


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