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MachineCodex Software updates AudioCodex to v1.4.1

MachineCodex Software

MachineCodex Software has updated its media player AudioCodex to v1.4 (v1.4.1 now available).

New Features:

  • New 'Lock Pitch' Warp mode, locks the pitch to the time slider.
  • New 'Save Track' File menu item, saves the currently loaded tracks effect settings immediately.
  • New 'Revert Track' File menu item, restores the currently loaded to track to it's last saved settings.
  • Major improvements in the quality of the signal produced by AudioCodex's built-in audio output spectral analyser:
    • Elimination of 'stuck' frequency values.
    • Normalisation of the returned frequency values.
    • Spectral data is now returned in an array, and can be accessed reliably by a composition via a Structure Index Member patch; in the initial (1.30) release spectral values were supplied in a dictionary and could only be accessed in ascending order via a Structure Key Member patch.
  • All bundled audio-reactive visualizers have been upgraded to Music Visualizer protocol compliance.
  • Most of the audio-reactive visualizers have also been updated or modified in a variety of ways.
  • New Sonographica Visualizer module provides real time visual analysis of spectral data.
  • Reorganised the Modules menu and Visualizers folder source, now all modules are grouped by location.
  • AudioCodex now scans two new locations for Music Visualizer Protocol compliant compositions:
    • /Library/Compositions.
    • /System/Library/Compositions.
  • Improvements to the Inspector palette, including new automatic resizing behaviour and new icons.

Bug Fixes:

  • Bugfix for crash induced when spacebar was pressed during the interval between one track ending and the next track auto-starting:
    • Pressing the spacebar during this time interval now aborts any scheduled loading of a next track.
    • All Track effect settings are now auto-saved if the spacebar is pressed during this time interval.
  • Manually initiated Next / Previous track requests now execute after a fixed minimal delay, irrespective of the 'Track Gap' settings in Preferences, which now only reflects the time between tracks when auto-advancing to the next track while not in loop-mode.
  • Presets menus for the FxChain listview and AudioUnit Inspector Presets popup button are now synchronised properly.
  • 'Clone' bugfixes and improvements:
    • Cloned tracks are added to the end of the same playlist as their progenitor.
    • When cloning the currently loaded track, all effect settings for the track are immediately saved, and will be used by the clone when it is played.
    • Clones now become a fully independent object immediately, a clones settings are all tracked independent of the source-item.
    • Clones are no longer auto-played upon creation.
  • When adding a new Watched Folder, the newly added folder is correctly selected in the source-list, and the playlist view is also correctly refreshed.
  • When removing a Watched Folder, the next watched folder is correctly selected in the source-list, and the playlist view is also correctly refreshed.

Other changes:

  • The 'New Preset Name' sheet now attaches to the same window as the item that requested it.
  • Added a dedicated 'Visualizer' main menu item.
  • Visualizer Module menus are now nested by Visualiser source-group.
  • The Visualizer view contextual menu and the Modules popup button menu on the Visualizer tab of the Inspector now refer to distinct menu objects.
  • The FX Chain Inspector has been moved onto the 'Adjust' tab; the Adjust tab now conceptually represents the actual configuration of AudioCodex's signal processing pathway.
  • The automatic restoring of the last used settings for FX Chain audio units when manipulating the FX Chain manually (i.e. adding / changing / reordering FX Chain effects) has been disabled; this feature was implemented at a time when only a single additional effect was allowed; in the multi-unit context this modality makes it difficult / impossible to use multiple instances of the same AU in the Fx Chain with different settings at the same time. Note that this caveat does not apply to FX Chain patches that are loaded as part of a track's settings, as implicit in the notion of the FX Patch is that the exact state of each AU in the patch is restored when the patch is loaded.
  • Removed the 'Disable' & 'Enable' submenus in the Edit menu & replaced them with individual 'Enable All', Enable Selected', 'Disable All', Disable Selected' items.
  • Changed the keyboard shortcut for 'Disable Selected' to cmd-opt-shift-d, to avoid collision with the System-shortcut for 'Show Dock'.

Version 1.41 was released very quickly after v1.40. It contains the following bug fixes:

  • Fixed an issue in Tiger where the first run of the app would not populate the Sources list (subsequent runs would populate the list).
  • Visualizers now continue to update when the mouse is held down.
  • Sonographica.qtz now only receives audio input through the Music Visualizer Protocol keys. The Microphone input has been removed as it would prevent the composition being used on Macs with no audio input device, such as Mac Minis and Mac Pros.


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