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MachineCodex Software updates AudioCodex to v1.1

MachineCodex Software

MachineCodex Software has updated AudioCodex to v1.1.

New Features:

  • Added support for processing all enabled effects when exporting audio from CoreAudio sources.
  • Added preliminary support for choosing the Audio Output Device used for CoreAudio playback from within AudioCodex.
  • Added support for saving & restoring volume & pan settings per-track.
  • Added Master Volume control:.
  • Changed the function of the toolbar Volume slider to control Master (output) volume.
  • Volume & Pan settings applied via the Rotary dials or Mix Inspector are now saved with the loaded track.
  • Added a Global Override switch to the Mix Inspector.
  • Added a basic Group properties editor for AudioCodex playlists, allowing Artist, Album, Genre and Rating to be set for multiple selected tracks in one action.
  • Visualizer modules are now grouped in the source-list by library folder location.
  • Added Visualizer presets support, allowing users to save & restore named settings for visualizers.
  • Added 2 cool new visualizer modules: 'Level Meters' and 'Mescaline'.

General User Interface / Experience Improvements:

  • New icons and layout adjustments to the Source list making it more 'Leopard-Finder-like'.
  • Main window splitview configuration is now fully maintained across successive launches.
  • Source-list configuration is now maintained across successive launches.
  • Inspector window size and position are now maintained across successive launches.
  • Inspector window tab selection and subview disclosure states are now maintained across successive launches.
  • Hidden playlist table columns are preserved across successive launches.
  • Shuffle Mode state is preserved across successive launches.
  • Improved menu validation; 'more' menu items are enabled & disabled dynamically.
  • Added 'Genre' field to AudioCodex playlists, and improved the code that handles the display of modification and addition dates.
  • Improved Export Savepanel options:.
  • human-readable codec (data format) descriptions.
  • 'Crop to Loop' checkbox.
  • 'Process enabled effects' checkbox.
  • Re-enabled the 'Rescan Compostion Folders' menu item on the Visualizer Inspector utility popup menu.
  • 'Reset Audio Engine' and 'Reset AudioGraph' Help menu items now function correctly.
  • 'Reset Preferences' Help menu item now alerts the user that a relaunch will be required, and automatically quits & relaunches AudioCodex.
  • Tweaks to various custom gui elements in the Inspector.
  • Improved contextual menus for QuickTime movies and Visualisers.

Major Bugfixes:

  • Fixed a bug where it was possible for the user to change the name of a Playlist or Watched Folder to an empty string, which would subsequently cause critical errors in displaying playlists, and which would persist across successive launches unless the app was immediately force-quit after the offending name-change was made. The only way to fix this error thereafter was to delete AudioCodex's playlist file.
  • Added additional error-checking code to auto-generate names for playlists & watched folders, allowing previously 'corrupted' playlists to be displayed.
  • Fixed a bug where loop-out markers could intermittently be reset to the end of the song.
  • Fixed a bug where loop-out markers could be intermittently ignored during playback.
  • Fixed a bug where an iTunes playlist would fail to display any tracks if any track in the list had no 'Location' value..


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