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Cakewalk by BandLab updated to version 2020.11


Cakewalk has released Cakewalk by BandLab (CbB) version 2020.11.

The 2020.11 release introduces Articulation Maps, which are a universal way to deal with expressions/articulations in VST instruments or hardware MIDI instruments. Other enhancements include in-app activation/refresh, ARA/Melodyne algorithm picker when converting audio to MIDI or performing tempo extraction, Clips pane drawing and scrolling optimizations, project template enhancements, and much more, including over 50 bug fixes, all in keeping with our goal of making Cakewalk as reliable and enjoyable as possible.

2020.11 Highlights


  • Articulation Maps. Articulation maps are a universal way to deal with expressions/key switches/articulations in VST instruments or hardware MIDI instruments.
  • In-app activation. You can now activate Cakewalk directly from within the app, without requiring BandLab Assistant.
  • In-app updater. You can now download and install updates directly from within Cakewalk instead of using BandLab Assistant.
  • ARA/Melodyne algorithm picker (pre-release). When converting audio to MIDI by dragging an audio clip to a MIDI track, or performing tempo extraction by dragging an audio clip to the time ruler, you can now select the desired algorithm. Please note: The algorithm picker is a pre-release feature and will only be visible if you are running Melodyne 5 and higher.
  • VST instruments can use custom instrument definitions. You can now use any instrument definition with a VSTi from a new drop-down menu in the Patch Browser dialog box (click Patch Browser in the Inspector).
  • Piano Roll view Note drawing now automatically switches direction as necessary during the gesture (left to right or right to left).
  • Open Piano Roll view when double-clicking white space on a MIDI or Instrument track.
  • Updated to VST3 SDK 3.7.0.
  • Support MIDI CCs via VST3 MIDI output (allows generative MIDI out VST3 plug-ins such as the Reason Rack plug-in to send MIDI CCs to Cakewalk).
  • Support channel aftertouch sent from VST3 plug-ins.


  • Application memory footprint has been reduced (dynamic VST Plug-in Buffer sizes).
  • Cakewalk now supports ASIO devices with a single mono input, such as the iRig Pro.
  • Relative resizing of selected tracks:
    • SHIFT+drag resizes all selected tracks to the same size.
    • CTRL+drag resizes all selected tracks by the same amount relative to their current size.
  • Cakewalk supports the latest ARA SDK from Celemony.
  • Adjust split point on a single Take lane. To move only the split point on a single lane, hold down the ALT key when using the Move Split Point tool.
  • CTRL-click Duplicate Track button to specify settings.
  • Allow track FX bin to be bypassed via control surfaces rather than just individual FX.
  • When installing an update from within Cakewalk, you can now choose to automatically relaunch Cakewalk after the installation completes.
  • The New Project File dialog box (File > New) now lets you specify folder paths, tempo, meter, bit depth, and sample rate settings for the -- No Tracks or Buses -- option (previously named -- Blank Project --).
  • File Stats improvements. When starting a new project from a project template, the File Stats window in the Notes Browser now start the Editing Time and Revision counters at 0. To reset the file stats, right-click in the File Stats window and select Reset File Stats.
  • Early Access Notifications. Cakewalk now presents a toast notification when an Early Access build is available. Early Access builds are completely optional, providing access to the next version of Cakewalk before its official release.


  • Major optimizations to clips view drawing to eliminate redundant drawing of clips.
  • Projects with tracks containing many Take lanes with muted clips now draw and scroll more than 20x faster.
  • Scrolling with Display Muted Takes In Parent Track enabled now has almost similar performance to having that option disabled.
  • Waveform drawing is now optimized for faster drawing.
  • Drawing and mouse handling in the Bus pane has been optimized to prevent audio glitches and late buffers.


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